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Samsung Amplifies 2024 TV Pre-Order Incentive with a Free 65-Inch 4K TV Offer

In an unprecedented move that’s catching the eyes of technology aficionados and casual viewers alike, Samsung has rolled out an enticing pre-order deal for its 2024 TV lineup. Aimed at captivating the market and driving early sales, Samsung is offering a free 65-inch 4K TV to customers who pre-order any of their new televisions between now and April 11th. This promotion not only underscores Samsung’s aggressive marketing strategy but also sets a new benchmark for consumer incentives in the highly competitive TV market.

A Closer Look at Samsung’s Offer

Samsung’s lineup for 2024 encompasses a diverse range of televisions, ensuring there’s something for every viewer. The promotion covers:

  • OLED Models: The S90D and S95D, catering to enthusiasts seeking unparalleled picture quality.
  • 4K LED TVs: The QN85D and QN90D, blending exceptional clarity with vibrant colors.
  • 8K LED TVs: The QN800D and QN900D, offering breathtaking resolution for the ultimate viewing experience.
  • The Frame: A unique blend of technology and design, turning your TV into a piece of art when not in use.

Samsung Amplifies 2024 TV Pre-Order Incentive with a Free 65-Inch 4K TV Offer

The Free 65-Inch TV: A Bonus With Every Pre-Order

The inclusion of a free 65-inch 4K TV (model TU690T) with each pre-order, while serving as an attractive bonus, is strategically positioned. This model, from Samsung’s 2023 range, might not boast the latest features of the 2024 lineup but offers considerable value as a secondary TV for consumers.

Pre-Order Venues and Additional Discounts

To capitalize on this offer, consumers can head directly to However, the blog post hints at potentially better deals through third-party retailers:

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Evaluating the Deal: Is It Worth It?

Before diving into this pre-order promotion, it’s essential to consider a few aspects:

  • Model Specifications: The free 65-inch TV, being a more basic 2023 model, may not match the advanced specifications of the new lineup.
  • Pre-Order Patience: Customers will need to wait for the official launch of the pre-ordered TV to enjoy both their new and free televisions.

The Implications for the TV Market

Samsung’s bold pre-order incentive reflects several market dynamics:

  • Intensified Competition: This move could be a response to increasing pressure from competitors, aiming to secure a significant market share early in the product cycle.
  • Inventory Strategy: Offering a 2023 model as a freebie suggests a strategic push to clear out last year’s stock while promoting the latest innovations.

Final Thoughts: Navigating the Pre-Order Promotion

For those contemplating a new Samsung TV, this promotion presents a compelling opportunity to enhance your viewing setup. Whether it’s the allure of advanced technology or the appeal of a free 65-inch TV, Samsung’s offer is designed to entice a broad spectrum of customers. However, the ultimate value of this deal hinges on individual needs, space considerations, and budget constraints. As the deadline for this promotion approaches, potential buyers are encouraged to assess their priorities and make an informed decision that best aligns with their entertainment aspirations and lifestyle requirements.



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