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How to Remove Your Account from Uber

If you’ve made the decision to stop using Uber, you can follow these instructions to permanently cancel your account. Kindly be aware that the deletion of your Uber account is final and will eliminate all associated data, such as payment details and trip history.

Prior to Erasing Your Account

Before deleting an account, take into account the following:

    • You cannot undo the permanent deletion of your account

Everything associated with your account, such as payment details and trip history, will be deleted

Any unused Uber credits or promotional offers will no longer be available to you.Before deactivating your account, you must pay any outstanding balances.

The Process of Erasing Your Uber Account

Step 1: Open your Uber account and log in.

Visit the Uber website and sign in using your credentials. The Uber app does not offer the ability to deactivate your account; instead, you will need to utilize a web browser.

Go to the “Delete Account” page in step two.

After logging in, click here to go straight to the Uber account deletion page.

Step 3: Determine the Reason for Removal

Uber will prompt you to select a reason for removing your account from a dropdown menu on the account deletion page. Choose the option that most accurately sums up your circumstances.

Step 4: Offer Further Input (Optional)

You can make more comments about why you’re deleting your account underneath the reason choice menu. Although optional, this step aids Uber in comprehending your choice.

Step 5: Verify Account Removal

Press the “Delete Account” button at the bottom of the screen after choosing a reason and giving optional input.

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Step 6: Delete Account

You will now be immediately logged out of your Uber account, which has been erased. Your registered email address will receive a confirmation email.

How to Remove Your Account from Uber

What Takes Place If Your Uber Account Is Deleted

Uber will promptly delete your account when you confirm the deletion. You won’t be able to access your account information, request rides, or connect onto the app or website.

Uber’s servers will permanently lose all of your account information, including your name, phone number, email address, trip history, and payment information. According to Uber’s data retention policy, the completion of this process could take up to thirty days.

Any unused gift cards, promotions, or Uber credits linked to your account will be lost when it is deleted. They cannot be retrieved or moved to another account.

Reactivating Your Account on Uber

Within 30 days of canceling your Uber account, you can get in touch with Uber Support and ask to have it reactivated if you decide to change your mind. Reactivation is contingent to Uber’s decision and is not certain.

A portion of your account data might be recovered if it is revived, but the majority—including payment information and trip history—will be permanently gone.

Options Other Than Closing Your Uber Account

If you’re not ready to deactivate your Uber account forever, think about these other options:\p>

  • Make changes to your preferences: In the app settings, you can modify your communication preferences if Uber is sending you too many emails or notifications.
  • Request the removal of data: You may use Uber’s privacy site to make a request for Uber to erase particular information connected to your account, such as your trip history or location data.
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After 30 days, deleting your Uber account is a final decision that cannot be reversed. If you’re not ready to lose all of your account data, be careful to think through the repercussions before deleting your account and look into other choices.

It’s important to note that deleting your account will result in losing access to your trip history, Uber account, and any unused credits or incentives. You will need to register for a new account if you ever need to use Uber again.

Visit the Uber Help Center or get in touch with Uber Support if you need help or have any more questions about your Uber account.


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