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How to create an account on TikTok

Users can make, share, and find short-form videos on the widely used social media platform TikTok. TikTok’s enormous song catalog, creative capabilities, and filters have helped it swiftly become a worldwide sensation. This tutorial will walk you through the entire account opening procedure if you want to join the TikTok community and start making movies.

How to create an account on TikTok

First, get the TikTok app.

Download the TikTok app from the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or App Store (for iOS devices) to get started. You can use and download the app for free.

Open the TikTok app in step two

Tap the TikTok icon to launch the app after it has been installed on your device.

Step 3: Click or tap “Me”

The “Me” icon, which is often found in the lower-right area of the screen, can be tapped on the bottom navigation bar.

Step 4: Select a Method for Registration

You have multiple options to create a TikTok account on the “Me” page. You have the option to sign up with:

    • By phone or email
    • Facebook



Choose your preferred method of registration.

Step 5: Complete the Enrollment Form

If you opted to register via phone or email, please provide the following details on the registration form:

Name and birthdate

a robust password


You will be required to enter into your social networking account and authorize TikTok to access specific data if you opted to register using one.

Step 6: Establish Your Profile

Now that your registration has been approved, you may make your TikTok profile. Once more, tap the “Me” icon, then choose “Edit Profile.” You can add connections to your other social networking accounts, your username, your bio, and your profile photo here.

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Step 7: Look Around TikTok and Get Started

After creating an account, you may begin browsing TikTok’s enormous collection of user-generated material. Use the search feature to locate particular producers, hashtags, or trends, or browse the “For You” page to find films catered to your interests. By tapping the “+” icon located at the bottom center of the screen, you can record, edit, and apply effects to your own videos.

Best wishes! Now that your TikTok account has been properly created, you can begin making, sharing, and finding short-form videos. It is advisable to become acquainted with TikTok’s privacy settings and community guidelines in order to guarantee a secure and pleasurable usage of the platform.

Please be aware that some procedures may differ somewhat due to future changes to TikTok’s functionality and layout. Always seek the most recent advice and information from the official TikTok Help Center.


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