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How to Remove Your Account from Uber Eats

If you’ve made the decision to stop using Uber Eats, you can follow these steps to completely cancel your account. It should be noted that the deletion of your Uber Eats account is final and will erase all associated data, including payment details and order history.

Prior to Erasing Your Account

Before deleting an account, take into account the following:

    • You cannot undo the permanent deletion of your account

Your entire account history, including payment and order history, will be deleted

Any unused Uber Eats credits or promotional offers will be lost to you.Before deactivating your account, you must pay any outstanding balances.

How to Remove Your Account from Uber Eats

Open the Uber Eats app in step one

Make sure you’re connected in to your account when you launch the Uber Eats app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Select Account Preferences

Choose “Account Settings” from the menu that appears when you tap on the profile symbol located in the upper-left corner of the app.

Choose “Delete Account” in Step 3

Scroll down to the “Delete Account” option at the bottom of the screen in the Account Settings menu, and tap it.

Step 4: Give an explanation for the deletion

Uber Eats will prompt you to select a cause for account deletion from the list of alternatives. Decide which rationale most accurately sums up your circumstances.

Step 5: Verify Account Removal

To continue, tap the “Delete Account” option after choosing a cause. A confirmation message from Uber Eats will appear, requesting you to confirm your selection.

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Step6: Complete Account Removal

After carefully reading the confirmation notice, select “Delete” to terminate your Uber Eats account forever. It will instantly log you out of the app.

How to Remove Your Account from Uber Eats

Using a Web Browser to Delete Your Uber Eats Account

If you would rather remove your account through a web browser, do the following actions:

    1. Click to access the Uber Help page.here
    2. Click the “Delete my Uber Eats account” link after swiping down.When prompted, sign into your Uber Eats account

Click “Continue” after choosing a cause for account deletion.Click “Delete Account” to confirm the account deletion

What Takes Place If You Deactivate Your Uber Eats Account

Your Uber Eats account will be automatically terminated as soon as you confirm the deactivation. It will be impossible for you to view your account details, place orders, or log into the app.

Your name, phone number, email address, purchase history, and payment information, along with all other account information, will be permanently removed from Uber Eats’ servers. According to Uber’s data retention policy, the completion of this process could take up to thirty days.

Any unused Uber Eats gift cards, credits, or promotions linked to your account will be lost when it is deleted. They cannot be retrieved or moved to another account.

Reactivating Your Account with Uber EatsWithin 30 days of deactivating your Uber Eats account, you can get in touch with Uber Support and ask to have your account reinstated if you decide to change your mind. Reactivation is contingent to Uber’s decision and is not certain.

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A portion of your account data might be recovered if it is revived, but the majority—including your payment information and order history—will be lost forever.

Other Ways to Remove Your Uber Eats Account

Take into consideration these options if you’re not ready to permanently remove your Uber Eats account:\p>

  • Put your account on hold: Instead of deleting your Uber Eats account, you can temporarily suspend it if you need to take a break from using it but don’t want to lose any of your data.
  • Make changes to your preferences: You can change your communication preferences in the app settings if Uber Eats is sending you too many emails or notifications.


After 30 days, deleting your Uber Eats account is a final step that cannot be reversed. If you’re not ready to lose all of your account data, be careful to think through the repercussions before deleting your account and look into other choices.

Remember that you will lose access to your Uber Eats account, order history, and any unused credits or promotions once your account is removed. You will need to register for a new account if you ever need to use Uber Eats again.

Visit the Uber Help Center or get in touch with Uber Support if you need help or have any further questions about your Uber Eats account.


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