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Mario vs. Donkey Kong Launch Week Update Now Live, Here’s What’s Included

A patch for the hotly anticipated Nintendo Switch game Mario vs. Donkey Kong is now live, just days after the game’s initial launch. The patch aims to fix a few minor bugs that slipped through testing.

Some gamers have expressed surprise that an update is out so soon for what is essentially a demo version of the full Mario vs. Donkey Kong game. Others applaud Nintendo’s commitment to squashing bugs early on in the development process.

What’s Included in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong Update

According to the patch notes, the Mario vs. Donkey Kong update focuses on fixing two specific issues:

  • Unresponsive controls in the first two stages
  • Incorrect stage numbering in the original patch notes

Neither issue drastically impacted playability. However, failing to address them now could have caused bigger problems down the road.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong Launch Week Update Now Live, Here's What's Included

Praise for Nintendo’s Quick Bug Fixes

Gamers seem pleased that Nintendo pushed out fixes for these minor bugs so soon after launch. As Reddit user MarioFan9992 points out:

“It’s great to see Nintendo taking bug reports seriously, even if it’s just a demo. This gives me confidence they’ll support the full game just as promptly.”

Releasing updates in a game’s first week sets a positive precedent for future patches and content updates. It reassures gamers that the developers care about crafting a quality experience.

How to Download the Mario vs. Donkey Kong Update

Downloading the latest Mario vs. Donkey Kong update is simple:

  1. Turn on your Nintendo Switch and connect to the internet
  2. Navigate to the System Settings page from the Home menu
  3. Select “System” then “Software Update”
  4. The update will automatically download and install
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The next time you launch Mario vs. Donkey Kong, you’ll have the fixes for unresponsive controls and patch note errors.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong Launch Week Update Now Live, Here's What's Included

What This Means for the Full Mario vs. Donkey Kong Game

The demo version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong gives just a small taste of what to expect when the full game launches later this year. And based on Nintendo’s commitment so far, we can likely expect robust support for the full title post-launch.

Future updates will hopefully bring new features, levels, and game modes beyond the base experience. If Nintendo keeps listening to player feedback and fine-tuning things in response, this latest Mario adventure could become a classic.

For more on Mario vs. Donkey Kong and other upcoming Switch games, be sure to check back here often!



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