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Nintendo Switch 2: What We Know So Far (and Why It’s Not Enough)

The monumentally successful Nintendo Switch console defied expectations hybridizing home and handheld gaming into a market-dominating fan favorite platform shipping over 140 million units since 2017’s launch.

Naturally as hardware ages specifications-wise, gamers wonder what comes next. Recent rumors swirling around a tentative “Switch 2” successor in 2023 seem quench anticipatory thirst somewhat. But modest spec speculations simultaneously risk leaving wanting still.

Today we analyze whispered Nintendo Switch upgrade proposals predicting whether expectations and realities align on sequel wishlists come holiday 2023 potentially.

Bigger Screens or Brighter Displays?

Foremost, a larger rumored 8-inch LCD display replacing existing 6.2-inch OLED panels makes noticeable leap acknowledging gamer demands seeking added screen space for portable play modes connectivity capacities plateau otherwise.

The downside? Trading OLED visual advantages speccing LCD alternatives potentially diminishes contrast ratio and color excellency notably.

So while gamers gain enlarged battlefield views, picture quality degrades appreciably losing inky darkness details and saturated color dynamics once spoiled such OLED spoils.

A Mixed Bag of Compromises

Essentially the display change gambles winning added gaming immersion fighting longer battery charges meanwhile risking losing beloved display wizardry Nintendo handhelds honed decade-plus completely.

And if processing spec bumps discussed next section underwhelm accordingly, this switch risks souring fanatic tastes expecting excellence upheld uncompromised characteristically.

Nonetheless we concede hungrier gamers likely embrace added acreage even LCD shortcomings conceded cost-effectively we assume.

Modest Performance Gains Rumored

Shifting internals, reliable insiders report refreshed Nintendo silicon dubbed “Mariko A” possibly featuring upgraded Nvidia graphics and improved DLSS support targeting smoother 1080p gaming minimally.

Additionally mentioned bumped 8GB RAM allows stabilizing performance further as modern titles bloat needing ample overhead avoiding unwanted lag, crashes or compatibility issues.

But again, cited benchmark targets sound incrementally improved rather generational leaps redefining gaming heights setting hardware gold standards tomorrow.

The Generational Gap Feels Underwhelming

Namely the cited specs follow PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X footsteps astutely rather ushering Nintendo towards gaming crowns themselves.

Rather modest spec speculations suggest Switch 2 plays competitive catch-up reasonably while avoiding risks redefining premium power cost propositions historically.

In this sense the sequel feels cautiously iterative despite success clearly affording bolder technological moonshot gambles conceivably.

Sticker Shock Risks Reaching Wider Audiences

Curiously, rumored $349 Nintendo Switch 2 pricing floats higher than 2017’s revolutionary hybrid debuted under $300 — though understandably perhaps given inflations mounting meanwhile.

The danger remains millions acclimating hybrid home play may resist upgrading underwhelming spec reports risking wallet drains absent killer app motivations demanding immediate action.

Namely are bigger LCD sizes and modest silicon perks alone sway justifying 15% price leap penalties postponing game budget resources otherwise?

A Tough Sell Now

Admittedly modest hardware enhancements undercut values propositioning against patient gamers content enjoying prodigious Nintendo gaming libraries as-is waiting further cost drops, or more radical change incentives down the road.

After all, modern Switch models already supportDLSS processing and OLED visuals reaching satisfactory baselines ‘good enough’ appreciably.

So bidding added premiums facing living cost inflations pressuring household budgets feels risky amidst modest generational leaps demonstrated on paper currently.

The Verdict Hangs Hopeful Still

Reviewing Switch successor rumors altogether elicits mixed reactions balancing modest desireable upgrades against inflated price sensitivities questioned still.

On one hand expectations likely unrealistic fantasizing revolutionary leaps redefining gaming boundaries at $299 nostalgically.

But conversely, cited spec bumps don’t feel sufficiently exponential powering breathtaking new play dimensionality jumps alone either arguably.

However Nintendo genius magic manifests defying paper-thin spec sheet perceptions historically.

So while healthy skepticism guards short-term, we extend goodwill still that Nintendo unravels cunning innovation once again catching competitors flat-footed later ensuring happy holidays 2023 regardless!

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