Microsoft's Future Xbox Roadmap: 2023 Hardware and Next-Gen Console Hints

Microsoft’s Future Xbox Roadmap: 2023 Hardware and Next-Gen Console Hints

Microsoft is clearly investing heavily in future Xbox hardware based on recent comments about Technical Fellow Leo Del Castillo’s 100-200 person console development team working on cutting edge innovations likely at least a few years out.

More immediately, Microsoft confirms new Xbox hardware releases are indeed slated for this 2023 holiday season. Let’s analyze the possibilities.

Microsoft’s Ongoing Xbox Console Commitment

Before examining specifics, it’s worth emphasizing Microsoft’s strategic commitment to the Xbox ecosystem and hardware business, likely for at least another decade.

Console gaming remains vital for Microsoft’s Gaming division. Even as cloud streaming expands access, dedicated Xbox Series X|S consoles drive high-margin software and service revenues through gamer engagement and lock-in.

Microsoft's Future Xbox Roadmap: 2023 Hardware and Next-Gen Console Hints

New Xbox Hardware Rumored for 2023

Microsoft CFO Amy Hood recently confirmed plans to release new Xbox console hardware in late 2023 timed with the holiday shopping surge.

While details remain undisclosed, strong rumors point to a long-awaited discless Xbox Series X without a Blu-Ray drive. Priced around $300, this digital-only SKU could boost affordability and align with key market trends.

A cheaper Xbox hooking budget gamers on GamePass seems strategically smart. A new Share button-equipped controller may also arrive next year.

Early Hints Around the Next-Gen Xbox Emerge

Looking even further out, Technical Fellow Leo Del Castillo revealed his team is cooking up Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console architecture expected by the late 2020s.

Del Castillo promises this 2028-ish Xbox will represent the “largest technical leap” ever seen in console generational evolution. Hinting at custom AI hardware, he wants to enable experiences “without constraints” from current technological limits.

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That’s an incredibly tall order given the already impressive capabilities showcased by Xbox Series X and cloud streaming. But with a 5+ year runway, Microsoft is clearly engineering something game-changing (literally).

Xbox Controller With Swappable Batteries

Finally, regarding Xbox accessories, noted industry insider Brad Sams leaks that Microsoft is prepping a revised controller in 2024 or 2025.

Expected updates include USB-C charging and ― more controversially ― a shift to AA batteries from internal cells. Gamers remain divided on battery strategies.

In any case, both near term 2023 Xbox hardware and longer-term future console roadmap plans reaffirm Microsoft’s enduring strategic commitment to cutting edge box experiences rather than pivoting exclusively to the cloud.


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