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Rumors Swirl that Stylish New Hit Hi-Fi Rush May Come to PS5 and Nintendo Switch

Hi-Fi Rush, a brand new rhythm action game from Tango Gameworks, could break its Xbox exclusivity by coming to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch based on new evidence found by data miners.

What is Hi-Fi Rush?

Hi-Fi Rush is a unique hack-and-slash title with a colorful, musical twist. Released in January 2023 for Xbox Series X|S and PC, the game has players defeating enemies to the beat of its licensed pop-rock soundtrack.

Its vibrant, stylized graphics and innovative mix of genres has earned Hi-Fi Rush critical praise. Reviewers describe it as an energetic, rhythmic experience unlike anything else.

Evidence Found for Multiplatform Ports

Soon after launch, data miners digging through Hi-Fi Rush’s PC files discovered references indicating PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox platform support.

Specifically, code names like “Orbis” and “Astra” were found, which are allegedly Sony/PlayStation and Nintendo development codenames respectively.

These finds have fueled speculation that Hi-Fi Rush could see ports to PS5 and Nintendo Switch, despite initial marketing as an Xbox exclusive.

History of Tango Gameworks Multiplatform Releases

For context, Tango Gameworks has previously created titles that were console exclusives at launch, but later went multiplatform.

For example, survival horror game The Evil Within 2 initially launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in October 2017.

One year later, Tango released an enhanced port for PC allowing more players to experience the tense, atmospheric title.

As such, there is precedent of Tango Gameworks bringing games to additional platforms post-exclusivity.

What Ports Could Mean for Hi-Fi Rush

If the rumors prove true and Hi-Fi Rush finds its way to PlayStation and Nintendo devices, it could benefit the game’s sales and longevity substantially.

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Releasing on the mammoth install base of PS5 would expose Hi-Fi Rush to a wider audience of action game fans.

Likewise, a Nintendo Switch port would allow gamers to enjoy Hi-Fi Rush on the go – a great fit for bite-sized gameplay.

Multiplatform availability means continued sales as console ownership changes over time. It also makes Hi-Fi Rush viable to be ported to future PlayStation and Nintendo consoles for next-gen enhancements.

What Could This Mean for Xbox Exclusivity Strategy?

More broadly, Hi-Fi Rush coming to competing platforms raises questions around long term Xbox exclusivity models.

Typically, first-party Xbox titles published under the Microsoft banner remain strictly exclusive. For example, Microsoft Flight Simulator will likely never release beyond PC and Xbox.

However, for third party exclusives like Hi-Fi Rush, timed exclusivity agreements could become more common. This mirrors Sony’s approach of funding development for 1+ year console exclusives.

If Hi-Fi Rush ports materialize, it suggests Xbox is more open to allowing third-party collaborations to release elsewhere. While great for inclusiveness, it may diminish the perception of Game Pass as a means to access truly exclusive content.

Gamers Left Waiting on Official Confirmation

For now, announcements of PS5 and Nintendo Switch ports for Hi-Fi Rush remain unofficial rumors.

Tango Gameworks’ has not commented on the data miner evidence found thus far. So whether multiplatform ports manifest depends on undisclosed business and technical factors.

Regardless, with strong early sales and review scores, Hi-Fi Rush is well positioned to expand to more platforms if viable. The stylish rhythm action game could find even greater commercial success and audience enthusiasm as a multiplatform franchise.

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We will have to wait eagerly for official word from Tango Gameworks or Microsoft on if PlayStation and Nintendo gamers can join the beat-driven fun.

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