Killers of the Flower Moon
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Killers of the Flower Moon: A Strong Start at the Global IMAX Box Office

Martin Scorsese’s highly anticipated historical drama “Killers of the Flower Moon” has made a strong debut at the global IMAX box office, grossing an impressive $5.1 million from 750 IMAX screens in over 70 international markets. This impressive opening weekend performance signals a promising start for the film, which is expected to continue its strong run in the coming weeks.

IMAX Embraces Scorsese’s Epic Vision

Killers of the Flower Moon” marks Scorsese’s sixth collaboration with IMAX, following iconic films such as “Hugo” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.” The director’s affinity for the immersive IMAX format is evident in his meticulous attention to detail and his masterful use of the large-format canvas.

The film’s stunning visuals, captured by cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, are perfectly suited for the IMAX experience. The expansive landscapes of 1920s Oklahoma, the intimate close-ups of the characters, and the grand scale of the production design are all enhanced by the immersive IMAX presentation.

In an interview with Variety, Scorsese emphasized the importance of the IMAX format for bringing his vision of the film to life:

“This was an epic story that needed to be told on an epic scale. We shot the film with IMAX large-format film cameras to immerse the audience in the world that these characters inhabited. The clarity of image and sound that IMAX provides allows every detail to shine through.”

IMAX Corporation CEO Rich Gelfond also expressed enthusiasm about Scorsese’s use of IMAX cameras:

“Scorsese is one of the greatest filmmakers of our time, and he has brilliantly harnessed the power of our technology to bring the remarkable story in ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ to vivid life on an enormous IMAX canvas.”

A Stellar Cast Delivers Compelling Performances

The film boasts a stellar cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, and Jesse Plemons. DiCaprio plays Ernest Burkhart, an FBI agent investigating a series of murders targeting members of the Osage Nation in Oklahoma. De Niro portrays William Hale, a powerful rancher with ties to the murders. Plemons takes on the role of Tom White, the lead FBI agent on the case.

The performances from the ensemble cast are captivating, drawing audiences into the complex narrative and the emotional weight of the story. DiCaprio’s portrayal of the conflicted FBI agent, De Niro’s menacing presence as the rancher, and Plemons’ stoic determination as the lead investigator all contribute to the film’s captivating power.

In particular, critics have praised DiCaprio’s nuanced performance:

“DiCaprio inhabits his character with a simmering inner conflict that leaves you wondering about his motives until the very end.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

De Niro has also received acclaim for his chilling performance:

“De Niro is absolutely terrifying as the cold, calculating rancher hiding unthinkable secrets behind his affable façade.” – Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

The compelling performances anchored by this legendary cast have certainly been a factor in the film’s early box office success. Their star power and acting mastery draws in audiences expecting nothing short of brilliance.

A Gripping Tale of Intrigue and Historical Significance

Based on David Grann’s non-fiction book of the same name, “Killers of the Flower Moon” delves into a dark chapter in American history, exploring the systematic killings of members of the Osage Nation for their oil wealth. The film sheds light on this often overlooked period, bringing to life the injustices faced by the Osage people and the struggle for justice.

The film’s gripping narrative, combined with its historical significance, has resonated with audiences worldwide. The story highlights how the discovery of oil on Osage territory in the 1920s led to them being killed one by one in a series of sinister murders. Scorsese brings his mastery of suspense to the disturbing events, captivating viewers as the FBI investigation uncovers the full extent of the crimes.

Beyond being an edge-of-your-seat thriller, the film powerfully depicts the racism and exploitation suffered by the Osage community. The IMAX presentation amplifies the emotional impact of scenes portraying the injustices. Critics have praised the film’s ability to shed light on this overlooked history:

“A devastating illustration of the atrocities native peoples have endured in this country. A suspenseful thriller and an urgent commentary on America’s past.” – Mara Reinstein, Us Weekly

The strong opening weekend box office performance in IMAX theaters is a testament to the film’s captivating storytelling and its ability to engage viewers on a profound level.


“Killers of the Flower Moon” has made a remarkable debut at the global IMAX box office, showcasing the power of Scorsese’s filmmaking, the brilliance of the cast, and the captivating nature of the story. As the film continues its theatrical run, it is poised to further solidify its position as a cinematic triumph and a significant contribution to historical storytelling.

With its prescient social commentary, stunning visuals optimized for IMAX screens, and phenomenal performances, the film offers an experience that demands to be seen on the biggest possible screen. The initial box office intake confirms that audiences worldwide are eager to immerse themselves in Scorsese’s masterful telling of this riveting and socially relevant chapter of history. Expect the buzz around “Killers of the Flower Moon” to continue building in the coming weeks as more experience its epic IMAX presentation.


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