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How to open a demo account on Tradingview

Discover the world of financial markets and improve your trading skills by finding out how to create a demo account on TradingView. Popular online charting and social trading platform TradingView provides traders and investors with a wealth of tools and features. We’ll walk you through the process of creating a demo account on TradingView in this in-depth guide, giving you the ability to practice trading techniques and become acquainted with the platform.

Enter TradingView.

TradingView is an online platform for charting and analysis that offers sophisticated charting tools, real-time financial data, and a lively trading community. Many financial products are supported by it, such as futures, equities, FX, cryptocurrencies, and more. With differing degrees of features and functionality, TradingView provides both free and premium programs.

How to open a demo account on Tradingview

A Comprehensive Guide on Opening a Demo Account on TradingView

Go to the TradingView website as the first step

Visit , the TradingView website.The website There is a “Sign Up” button in the upper-right corner of the webpage. To start the registration procedure, click on it.

Step 2: Select Your Registration Method

TradingView provides a number of choices for registering. You can register using an Apple ID, Facebook account, Google account, or email address. Choose the most convenient method for you and continue with the registration procedure.

Step 3: Complete the Necessary Data

The following details are required if you decide to register using your email address:

    • Select a distinctive username for your TradingView account.

Email: Please enter a working email address

Password: Make sure your account has a strong password.

You will be asked to provide TradingView access to your account details if you want to register using an Apple ID or social media account.

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Step 4: Email Address Verification

TradingView will send a verification email to the email address you provided after you submit the registration form. To verify your email address and activate your TradingView account, open the email and click the verification link.

Initiate a TradingView Platform session

You can use your registered email address or social media account to check in to the TradingView platform once your account has been validated. You’ll be taken to TradingView’s main dashboard.

Step 6: Investigate the Demo Features

You can practice trading without risking real money with TradingView’s demo capabilities, which are available to registered users. Here are several important aspects to investigate:

  • Chart Trading: Within the charting interface, TradingView offers a demo trading mode. You can test your strategy, place virtual trades, and become acquainted with the order placement procedure.
  • Paper Trading: TradingView provides a paper trading function that lets you trade in a simulated environment using virtual money. The main dashboard’s “Paper Trading” tab is where you can find this option.
  • Custom techniques and Indicators: TradingView comes with a plethora of custom and built-in indicators. You can also use the Pine Script programming language to design and test your own trading techniques.

Step 7: Acquire Knowledge and Participate in the Community

A thriving community of traders and investors exists on TradingView, where they exchange concepts, perceptions, and analysis. Use these resources to your advantage to learn and interact with the community:

  • Public Chats: Participate in open chat rooms to talk with other traders about markets, trading tactics, and insights.
  • Ideas Stream: Look through the “Ideas” area to find charts, analysis, and trade ideas that other members of the TradingView community have provided.
  • Tutorials, webinars, and a knowledge library are just a few of the instructional tools that TradingView provides to help you improve your trading abilities and platform comprehension.
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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning TradingView Demo Account Opening

Is opening a demo account on TradingView free of charge?

Indeed, it costs nothing at all to register a demo account with TradingView. A number of tools and functions, such as chart trading and paper trading, are available to you without charge. But TradingView also provides premium subscriptions with further features and advantages.

Can I fund a TradingView demo account with real money?

No, a TradingView demo account is just meant to be used for practice and simulation. It is not possible to link your demo account to an actual trading account or utilize real money. You must register a live account with a supported broker and link it to TradingView in order to trade with real money.

Is there a time restriction on utilizing a demo account with TradingView?

No, utilizing a TradingView demo account has no time limit. For as long as you’d like, you can practice trading using the demo features. But remember that actual market conditions could be different from those of demo trading, so it’s crucial to proceed with caution when switching to live trading.

Can I use a demo account to access all of TradingView’s features?

Numerous tools, like as chart trading, paper trading, custom indicators, and social features, are available with a TradingView demo account. Paid plans may have restrictions on some advanced features and functionalities. On the TradingView website, you can examine the various pricing plans to see the particular features that are part of each plan.


For traders and investors who want to improve their abilities, practice trading techniques, and become acquainted with the features of the platform, opening a demo account on TradingView is a wise move. You can quickly set up your TradingView demo account and begin learning about the financial markets by following this step-by-step tutorial. As always, make full use of the demo features, interact with the community, and keep learning and refining your tactics. Your sample trading experience on TradingView can assist you in laying a strong basis for your trading career with commitment and practice.

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