Apple Peels Back the 2024 Calendar: Mark Your Dates, iFans!

Mark your calendars, Apple enthusiasts, because tech oracle Mark Gurman has delivered his annual prophecy – a glimpse into the crystal ball of Apple’s 2024 plans. From sleek iPhones to powerful Macs, get ready for a year brimming with new gadgets and groundbreaking updates. But before you start polishing your credit cards, let’s crack open Gurman’s predictions and see what treasures await us:

The iPhone 16 Takes Center Stage:

As predictable as the sunrise, the iPhone 16 will grace us with its presence in September 2024. Gurman expects a familiar form factor, but whispers of larger Pro model displays and potentially under-display Face ID pique our curiosity. Will Apple finally ditch the notch? Only time will tell, but prepare for a camera upgrade, a potential A17 Bionic chip, and maybe even a foldable surprise (a fan favorite, but still shrouded in rumor).


  • Mark Gurman predicts an iPhone 16 with potential under-display Face ID and larger Pro models.
  • Apple Watch Series 10 could boast advanced health features and a third-generation Ultra model.
  • M3 chips are expected to power upgraded MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and potentially iMac models.
  • iPad mini refresh, new HomePod, and AirPods Lite might also join the Apple party.
  • iOS 18, iPadOS 17, and macOS 14 promise software refinements and exciting new features.
  • While these are predictions, expect surprises and potential changes before Apple’s official announcements.

So, buckle up, Apple enthusiasts! 2024 is looking like a year of innovation, exciting gadgets, and perhaps a few unexpected twists. Keep your eyes peeled, your wallets ready, and prepare to witness the next chapter in Apple’s ever-evolving story.

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Decoding Gurman: How Apple Predictions Matter

Gurman’s forecasts carry weight because:

Prolific Leaker Reputation

Years reporting on Apple lends credibility – leaked details frequently materialize.

Supply Chain Sources

Cultivates Asian manufacturing partners privy to product roadmaps.

Internal Confidants

Carefully vets employee tips not breaking NDAs before circulating rumors.

Strategic Signaling Tool

Amplifies or downplays news subtly guiding public perceptions.

Hype Generator

Builds anticipation among hardcore fans who decode fragmentary breadcrumbs.

Navigating Apple’s Secrecy Supply Chain Complexity

Despite Gurman’s edge, uncertainties remain around:

Misdirection Campaigns

Red herrings through foreign supply lines and internal leaks manipulate expectations.

Last Minute Shakeups

Engine faults, regulation shifts or explorer vulnerabilities scramble launch plans.

Regional Retail Realities

Model mixes, carrier negotiations and subsidies create geographic discontinuities.

Pandemic Production Surprises

Factory conditions remain volatile making volume forecasts complex.

Fickle Feature Prioritization

Leadership whims downplaying or advancing functionality based on competitor dynamics.

The Road Ahead: Innovation Through Iteration

Gurman glances beyond 2024 where smartphone generations fade towards platform permanence persistently progressing functionality first. Indeed, no culmination awaits technology ever “complete” – needs shifting, use cases evolving continuously. Thus through sustained collaborative creation – designers, consumers, companies alike – revolutions unfold patiently elevating life when tools operate unicorn-like: mysteriously advancing empathy despite engineered origins.



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