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Wireless Charging Just Got Supercharged: iPhone 13 & 14 Embrace Qi2 with iOS 17.2

Hold onto your charging cables, iPhone users, because a wireless revolution is brewing! With the recent release of iOS 17.2, your iPhone 13 and 14 models just unlocked the secret code to next-level wireless charging: the mighty Qi2 standard. Prepare to ditch the tangled cords and embrace a future of faster, cooler, and more efficient charging for your beloved device.

What’s the Buzz About Qi2?

Think of Qi2 as the Usain Bolt of wireless charging. It’s the latest iteration of the Qi standard, promising up to 15W of charging power, a significant upgrade from the 7.5W of its predecessor. Imagine your iPhone juicing up in no time, leaving you more time for conquering Candy Crush or conquering your to-do list.

But That’s Not All!

Qi2 brings more than just speed to the table. It boasts improved energy efficiency, meaning less wasted power and ultimately, a smaller carbon footprint. Additionally, Qi2 chargers are notoriously cooler, reducing the risk of overheating and keeping your iPhone safe and sound.

So, How Do I Get My iPhone on the Qi2 Train?

The good news is, you don’t need a brand new iPhone or a magic wand. Simply update your iPhone 13 or 14 to iOS 17.2, and voila! Instant access to the Qi2 wonderland. Now, any Qi2-certified charger will unlock the full potential of this next-gen power standard.

More Than Just a Tech Upgrade:

Qi2 isn’t just about faster charging; it’s about convenience and peace of mind. No more fumbling with cables in the dark, searching for the elusive charging port, or battling tangled wires. Simply place your iPhone on a Qi2 pad, and the energy flows like a digital waterfall.

The Future is Wireless (and Qi2 Powered)

This is just the beginning of the wireless charging revolution. With Qi2 taking center stage, expect to see a surge of innovative and powerful chargers hitting the market, catering to all your charging needs. Imagine charging your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch on one sleek, Qi2-enabled pad – the possibilities are endless!


  • iPhone 13 and 14 models can now enjoy Qi2 wireless charging with the iOS 17.2 update.
  • Qi2 offers faster charging speeds (up to 15W), improved energy efficiency, and cooler operation.
  • Any Qi2-certified charger will work with your iPhone, unlocking the full potential of the new standard.
  • Qi2 marks the beginning of a new era in wireless charging, bringing convenience, efficiency, and a tangle-free future.

Upgrade your software, invest in a Qi2 charger, and experience the next generation of wireless power for your iPhone! Let the charging cables gather dust, because the future is wireless, and it’s powered by Qi2.

Qi2 Wireless Charging: Tech Powering the Revolution

Qi2 represents an evolutionary leap for inductive charging. Key enhancements include:

Higher Power Classes

Expanded wattage capabilities like 15W allow more energy transfer without overheating.

Enhanced Coupling

Optimized pad design and magnetic components enable better device alignment flexibility.

Two-Way Communications

Continuous signaling between charger and device enables real-time power modulation preventing overcharge.

Foreign Object Detection

Smart sensors recognize objects that could create unsafe conditions, suspending charging to prevent damage.

Wide Compatibility

Backwards compatibility ensures seamless next-gen upgrades while supporting aging product ecosystems.

The Wireless Charging Movement Marches On

Qi2 represents an important milestone, not an endpoint. Continued innovation focuses on:

Spatial Freedom

No precise alignment requirements via omni-directional and longer-range charging capabilities.

Mobility Enablement

Powering moving devices like scooters and robots by transmitting energy across open spaces or infrastructure.

Lightning Speeds

Pushing theoretical limits to ultimately rival wired speeds via exploring new spectrum bands and antenna arrays.

Ambient Power

Charging low-power devices simply by being in proximity to emitting fixtures integrated unobtrusively into environments.

The Road Ahead: An Untethered Future

Eliminating charging cables promises benefits spanning convenience, aesthetics and sustainability. But the greatest dividend is freedom – severing dependence on proximity to outlets liberates mobility. As charging technologies converge with IoT ecosystems, our interactive radii expand. Eventually infrastructure recedes from view, and transitional states like charging become invisible. Life flows, uninterrupted by technically induced needs. Qi2 delivers us to the cusp of this seamless world, though much innovation remains to fully realize an untethered future.


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