WhatsApp Launches Original Media Quality for Shared Pics and Videos

WhatsApp just introduced a valuable new capability allowing users to share photos and videos without any compression or quality reduction – files are delivered in the original resolutions captured.

Let’s explore how WhatsApp’s new original media quality option upgrades sharing capabilities, along with factors to weigh before leveraging the sharper images and videos.

Preserving Original Imaging Quality

Previously, WhatsApp systems automatically compressed photos and videos to conserve bandwidth whenever users sent media files.

While compression shrank file sizes, this came at the cost of visibly reduced imaging quality and introduction of artifacts whenever recipients viewed shared items.

Now with lossless sharing activated, friends and family enjoy photos and videos without any algorithmic picture distortions or color banding whatsoever.

Sharing Photos Without Edits or Alterations

Beyond maintaining photographic integrity, sending pictures in original quality means you view creations precisely as captured rather than WhatsApp editors subtly adjusting color, lighting or other elements.

For serious smartphone shooters concerned maintaining creative vision, this fidelity provides comfort works aren’t resized or changed before reaching recipients.

Of course those preferring enhanced auto-touchups can still enable WhatsApp’s photo editing separately.

Weighing Increased Data Usage Impact

Preserving original resolution means significantly larger file sizes get transmitted across cellular networks or WiFi when messaging uncompressed images or 4K video.

Users focused minimizing mobile data consumption may want leaving compression activated, whereas home broadband users enjoy nearly unlimited sharing capacity benefiting from uncompressed originals.

Review your messaging habits and bandwidth needs to determine optimal settings.

Accounting for Recipient Device Capabilities

Before flooding friends original media, consider whether their smartphone displays support resolutions exceeding Full HD, otherwise the extra pixels get downsampled anyway.

Likewise, not all networks globally provide the speedy throughput managing 20MB image files or 1GB video clips reliably.

Understanding your recipients’ device limits allows good judgment only sending originals where benefits manifest.

Future Potential for Enhanced Shared Media

The ability to maintain photos and videos in captured quality hints at even richer media messaging enhancements coming to WhatsApp like:

  • Immersive AR/VR content
  • Multi-frame live photos
  • Raw camera imagery
  • Enhanced multimedia editing

For now, enjoy snapping and sharing pics confident details and clarity never get compromised over WhatsApp channels thanks to new original quality support.


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