The New Voice of Mario and Luigi: Kevin Afghani

A Surprising Announcement

In a stunning revelation on October 14, 2023, Nintendo dropped a bombshell – Kevin Afghani will be the fresh voice behind Mario and Luigi in the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. Wonder game. For years, fans have associated these iconic characters with Charles Martinet, who has been their voice since 1992. However, Martinet is now transitioning to a new role as “Mario Ambassador.”

Charles Martinet’s New Chapter

Charles Martinet’s decision to step away from voicing Mario and Luigi after over three decades is a significant one. Nevertheless, he is not bidding farewell to these beloved characters. Martinet will be their representative at public events and will actively contribute to the development of future Mario games.

Kevin Afghani’s Excitement

Kevin Afghani, renowned for his portrayal of Arnold in the popular video game Genshin Impact, expresses his excitement about becoming the voice of Mario and Luigi. He humbly acknowledged the honor of this opportunity and shared his passion for these iconic characters. Afghani stated, “It’s an honor to be chosen to voice Mario and Luigi. I grew up playing Mario games, and these characters are so iconic to me. I’m going to do my best to bring them to life in a way that fans will love.”

Mixed Fan Reactions

The announcement has stirred a range of reactions among fans. Some are eager to hear Afghani’s take on Mario and Luigi, viewing it as a fresh and intriguing development. In contrast, others are apprehensive that he may struggle to fill the shoes of the legendary Charles Martinet.

What Lies Ahead

The release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder is swiftly approaching, scheduled for October 20, 2023. This will be the moment of truth when fans can witness Kevin Afghani’s debut as the voices of Mario and Luigi.

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My Perspective

I am genuinely thrilled about Kevin Afghani taking the reins as Mario and Luigi’s voice. His experience in the gaming world and his evident dedication make him an excellent choice for this iconic role. While Charles Martinet leaves an indelible legacy, I believe Afghani has the talent to craft his own legacy as the voice of Mario and Luigi.

Nintendo’s handling of this transition will be crucial. Allowing Afghani the creative freedom to breathe new life into these characters will be vital for success. Mario and Luigi have been a significant part of many childhoods, and their voices hold a special place in the hearts of fans.

In summary, this transition represents a positive evolution for the Mario franchise. I am eagerly awaiting Afghani’s performance and am confident that he will be an invaluable addition to the Mario universe.

What are your thoughts on Kevin Afghani taking on the iconic roles of Mario and Luigi?


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