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The Apple TV App Gets a Navigation Upgrade: Introducing the Sidebar

The Apple TV app has received a major update that simplifies navigation and enhances user experience. This new update, available on tv OS 17.2 and later, introduces a sidebar that provides quick and effortless access to essential features and content.

Decluttering the Apple TV Interface

The previous version of the Apple TV app could feel cluttered and overwhelming, especially with a growing number of channels and streaming services. The new sidebar addresses this issue by offering a streamlined and organized interface. It features easy-to-understand icons and concise text, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Intuitive Navigation via Dedicated Sidebar

The sidebar eliminates the need to scroll endlessly through rows of content. Users can now access key sections of the app directly through the sidebar, including:

  • Home: Curated recommendations and personalized picks
  • Apple TV+: Original shows and movies
  • MLS Season Pass: Live soccer matches
  • Sports: Aggregated sports content
  • Library: Owned media and downloads
  • Channels: Subscribed channels and streaming apps

Unified Streaming Experience

The new sidebar seamlessly integrates Apple’s own content with third-party channels and apps. This convenient design allows smoothly switching between streaming services without leaving or re-launching the Apple TV app.

The sidebar also links out directly to the App Store section so users can discover and subscribe to additional channels to augment their viewing library.

Emphasis on Accessibility

The sidebar’s straightforward design prioritizes accessibility, making navigation easier for users with visual impairments or limited dexterity via:

  • Clear iconography and text labels for recognizable navigation
  • Intuitive shortcuts enhancing navigational speed
  • Support for various input methods like Siri remote, controllers, voice and more
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Advancing the Apple TV Watching Experience

The introduction of the handy sidebar in the Apple TV app signifies a valuable step forward in crafting an enjoyable and frictionless streaming experience. It reflects Apple’s ongoing commitment to refinement guided by user-centric design principles.

Early user sentiment indicates the simplified navigation offered by the sidebar offers a superior path to content discovery and access compared to previous Apple TV interfaces.

What Could Be Next for Apple TV?

With rapid expansion of streaming entertainment options, we anticipate Apple will continue evolving the Apple TV proposition to satisfy and anticipate user wants including:

  • Even more advanced personalization algorithms tailored to individual preferences
  • Expanded device ecosystem integration from wearables to audio devices and beyond
  • Growth of Apple TV+ original programming vault spanning additional genres

By upholding a dedication to creativity and craftsmanship while aggressively responding to market dynamics, Apple TV retains pole position to charm our hearts and screens for years ahead!


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