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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra & Z Fold5 May Soon Offer Crash Detection

Samsung appears poised to join Apple in implementing advanced crash detection capabilities on their upcoming flagship phones, according to new code discoveries. The Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold5, expected in 2024, may automatically call for help after serious accidents.

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How Does Smartphone Crash Detection Work?

Code analyzed from an upcoming One UI 6.1 system update suggests Samsung phones may soon monitor device motion to automatically detect serious accidents and collisions.

Analyzing Acceleration and Rotation Data

Phones are equipped with motion-sensing hardware like accelerometers and gyroscopes to enable features like screen rotation and step counting. But these sensors also allow phones to measure abnormal forces indicating sudden impacts from events like multi-vehicle collisions or bike/car crashes.

For example, rapidly decreasing velocity as measured by the accelerometer combined with erratic device rotation may show the user’s vehicle has severely impacted an object or other vehicles.

Activating Emergency Response

Upon detecting crash dynamics beyond certain threshold values, future Galaxy phones may automatically trigger emergency actions like:

  • Calling pre-set emergency contacts or emergency services
  • Sending accident location details to emergency services
  • Recording audio/video evidence from the crash scene

This rapid automated emergency response could prove critical in getting accident victims necessary medical care as quickly as possible.

Crash Detection Could Save Lives

Automated crash detection would provide substantial benefits over manual emergency calls for Galaxy users:

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Faster Emergency Response

Calling emergency services instantly could help accident victims get medical care drastically faster. Manually calling for help often takes precious additional minutes as crash victims attempt to assess situations or regain consciousness.

Recording Crash Data

Galaxy phones may also transmit rich sensory data about the crash itself to emergency services, including telemetry from motion sensors, audio/video recordings, and precise GPS coordinates.

Having detailed crash data can help first responders better prepare with appropriate equipment and resources when rushing to the scene.

Alerting Emergency Contacts

Alongside emergency service calls, Galaxy crash detection could instantly push notifications to pre-set emergency contact list members. This allows friends and family to immediately know about accidents affecting loved ones.

When Will Crash Detection Launch?

While code evidence confirms Samsung is actively developing emergency crash detection, the launch timeframe remains unconfirmed.

Possibly on the Galaxy S24 & Fold5

Most rumors point to crash detection debuting on the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy Z Fold5, likely launching in February and August of 2024 respectively if Samsung maintains typical flagship release cadences.

But Wider Availability Possible

That said, Samsung may choose to roll out crash detection earlier via OTA updates to existing devices like the Galaxy S23 lineup. Or they may wait until the launch of One UI 7 late next year.

Hopefully Samsung clarifies their official crash detection launch plans soon.

How Will It Compare to Other OEMs?

If Galaxy phones adopt crash detection capabilities in 2024, how might Samsung’s implementation compare against existing ones from Apple and Google?

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Apple: Crash Detection on iPhone 14

Apple debuted crash detection on the iPhone 14 series in Fall 2022. Early real-world tests suggest Apple’s crash detection works well for severe collisions exceeding 10mph delta velocities.

Google: Rumored for New Pixels

Code references indicate Google is prepping a crash detection feature for upcoming Pixel phones as well. But Google has yet to officially confirm these capabilities.

Likely Similar Capabilities

With dual acceleration and gyroscope sensors being standard across modern flagships, Samsung’s crash detection implementation will likely offer comparable auto emergency calling abilities to Apple and Google’s versions.

But we hope Samsung considers additional innovations like integrating directly with connected vehicles’ crash telemetry or partnering with insurance providers.

The Bottom Line

The rumored introduction of crash detection capabilities to the Galaxy S24, Z Fold5, and other Samsung flagships would be a huge step forward for user safety. Automating emergency alerts and data sharing after accidents promises to save lives and get victims critical help faster.

While questions remain regarding exact launch dates and devices, we eagerly anticipate Samsung officially unveiling crash detection features soon. Lives depend on phone makers continuing to innovatively leverage sensor hardware to watch out for user wellbeing even in extreme situations.

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