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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: A First Look at the AI-Powered Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is finally here, and it’s pushing the boundaries of what a smartphone can do. Powered by a cutting-edge AI processor, this phone can generate everything from artwork and poetry to real-time language translations. Read our hands-on review for an early look at Samsung’s most advanced phone yet.

Generative AI Opens Up Exciting Possibilities

Easily the most exciting thing about the Galaxy S24 Ultra is its use of generative AI. This fast-evolving technology allows the phone to produce original content like paintings, stories, and more based on simple text prompts. We tested out several generative features, and found them to be surprisingly impressive for a smartphone app.

A Budding AI Artist in Your Pocket

The preloaded AI drawing app lets you prompt the phone to create unique digital artwork. You can specify styles, subjects, color schemes, and more. After typing “A tropical ocean sunset painted in the style of Van Gogh,” we watched a gorgeous original piece come to life. The results rival what many humans could produce, hinting at a not-so-distant creative future driven by AI capabilities.

Your Own Personal AI Writing Assistant

Another app taps into AI to generate written content. Whether you want a quick poem, short story, essay, or even help writing emails, it can lend a hand. Ask it to “Write a 5 line poem about loneliness,” and you may be moved by the melancholic words it authors. While it likely won’t replace human writers anytime soon, its writing capabilities are still adept for casual use cases.

Ambitious AI Translation Abilities

The Galaxy S24 Ultra also introduces a new real-time translation feature. Using the built-in mic and AI algorithms, it listens to spoken words and translates them on the fly. We tested translating a Spanish conversation to English, and while the translations weren’t flawless, the phone largely kept pace and conveyed the overall meaning. As the software improves over time, this could evolve into an invaluable travel companion.

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Breaking Down Language Barriers with Live Translations

Building upon its real-time translation talents, the S24 Ultra offers a particularly useful feature called Live Translate. It allows two people who speak different languages to have a phone conversation, with the phone automatically translating everything they say into the other’s language.

Smoother International Communication

We tried out Live Translate during a call with a Spanish speaker. After selecting translation options on both ends, the technology worked fairly seamlessly. Occasional inaccuracies didn’t hinder the overall flow or understanding. For travelers and international businesses, this could eliminate frustrating language barriers.

Useful Travel Companion

Live Translate makes the Galaxy S24 Ultra an ideal travel phone. Being able to communicate freely opens doors to cultural connections and local adventures you may have otherwise missed out on. Later this year, Samsung plans to add multi-language translation, allowing even broader conversational abilities for explorers and remote workers abroad.

Flagship Specs and Build Quality

Of course, the S24 Ultra offers all the usual specs and capabilities expected from a premium Samsung phone as well. The 4K display with adaptive 120Hz refresh rate is brighter than ever before. The improved camera system offers professional-quality image capturing. And the new Snapdragon processor enables exceptionally fast 5G speeds.

Built to Last

Samsung says the titanium alloy frame makes this one of their most durable Galaxy models yet. During our testing period, we accidentally dropped the phone a couple times with no issues. For a device packing such impressive tech, it’s reassuring to know it can withstand daily use.

All-Day Battery…Almost

While beefed up components allow the phone to handle resource-intensive AI features, they also drain battery life fairly quickly. You’ll still get a full day of normal use per charge, but frequent creative sessions may have you plugging in by dinnertime. For the average user focused on core functions, battery life should be more than sufficient.

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Is the Galaxy S24 Worth $1,300?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra launches at $1,300, putting it right up there with premium rivals like the iPhone 14 Pro Max. That’s no insignificant investment, so should you buy one?

A Glimpse at Our AI-Powered Future

If you want an early look at the creative possibilities of AI on a mobile device, the S24 Ultra delivers. Being able to generate paintings, stories, and beyond feels like science fiction made real. And Live Translate could replace portable translation devices for good. If revolutionizing your smartphone experience excites you, this phone warrants serious consideration.

Not Quite a Need Yet for Most Users

However, more casual users may not utilize those bleeding-edge features enough to justify the premium price tag right now. And the shortened battery life could frustrate some. Unless you already know the AI capabilities will significantly enhance the role your phone plays in work and life, it may be smart to wait another generation or two for the technology to become indispensible.

The bottom line? Samsung’s heavy investment in AI is clearly the next big frontier for smartphones. And they’ve built an exceptionally powerful showcase of that future in the S24 Ultra. We can’t wait to see how developers and creative professionals push boundaries with this phone over the next year when additional apps unlock its full potential.

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