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Apple to Release iOS 17.3 Next Week with New Security Features and More

Apple prepares another bumper iOS update rollout in the form of iOS 17.3, promising vital security upgrades alongside collaborative music integration and timely artistic touches when it launches next week.

Headlining this incremental release, Stolen Device Protection aims foiling thieves trying using iPhones or iPads even with passcodes cracked. Beyond safeguarding data, Apple also fosters community bonding through shared Apple Music playlists.

Finally, a special Unity Bloom wallpaper graces lock screens honoring historic Black heroes during Black History Month in signature Apple style.

Fortified Security Shields Data in Case of Theft

While strong passcodes reliably protect iPhone contents normally, skilled attackers often breach these given time and determination. To combat this, iOS 17.3 introduces Stolen Device Protection adding safeguards preventing data access or purchases by unauthorized users – even with codes cracked or devices completely reset.

Biometric Authentication Required for Purchases and Access

If a locked iPhone or iPad goes unused or restarted for an extended duration, iOS 17.3 now additionally mandates successful Face ID or Touch ID confirmation before Wallet payments, password fills or logging into certain apps proceed.

This vital protection hampers thieves profiting from or meddling with stolen devices by necessitating biological owner authentication recovering access.

Shared Apple Music Playlists Foster Group Bonding

On a lighter note, iOS 17 introduces collaborative Apple Music playlists allowing groups to curate songs together for moments like parties or road trips.

Real-Time Updates as Friends Add Songs

After creating a shareable playlist, invited contributors can append or resequence tracks in real-time while the owner monitors updates. This fluid, synchronized access makes building consensus around music effortless.

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Share Via Messages or Apple Music Links

Hosting permissions get granted simply through iMessage app integration, or creating sharable links accessible across Android, Windows and the web expanding collaborative potential.

Special Edition Wallpaper Celebrates Black History Month

Finally iOS 17.3 brings a timely Unity Bloom wallpaper honoring historic Black heroes during relevant cultural moments like Black History Month.

Vibrant Colors Inspired by Pan-African Flag

The stylized floral motif incorporates the iconic red, green and black Pan-African flag colors in signature Apple wallpaper style. The artwork epitomizes Apple’s creative flair even through operating system updates.

The vibrant yet tasteful piece provides a fresh perspective respectfully celebrating often overlooked change-makers that permanently shaped American history.

Download the iOS 17.3 update next week to receive all these new features and improvements as early adopters before global rollout later in March.



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