Ray-Ban Stories Review: A Fashionable Step into Smart Glasses, But Are They Worth It?ikiiiiiiidio

Smart glasses have been a promise for years, but their clunky designs and limited features have kept them firmly in the realm of tech enthusiasts and early adopters. However, Meta’s collaboration with Ray-Ban, the iconic sunglass brand, may finally change the game with the Ray-Ban Stories.

Blending Style and Tech

The Ray-Ban Stories are indistinguishable from regular Ray-Bans at first glance. They come in classic Wayfarer and Round styles so you can incorporate smart features into your look comfortably. This gives them a clear edge over previous smart glasses that resembled tech accessories grafted onto your face.

Key Features

The Stories offer functionality like:

  • Hands-free photo and video capture with voice commands
  • Audio playback for music or calls through open-ear speakers
  • Sharing content instantly to Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Controlling your glasses via Facebook Assistant integration

Subtle Design, but Room for Improvement

The Stories incorporate their tech discreetly with two corner cameras and a subtle speaker grill on the temple. However, short battery life, privacy issues around unauthorized recording, and software limitations demonstrate their “first generation” status.

Worth the Investment Right Now?

The Ray-Ban Stories represent exciting progress toward mainstream smart glasses. But their drawbacks make them difficult to justify for many average users today. They remain most appealing for early adopters drawn to the concept despite the limitations.

The Bottom Line

With polished style but somebody lacking substance, the Ray-Ban Stories make a fashionable stepping stone toward the future of smart glasses. However, it may take the next generation to truly deliver on the full promise and bridge the gap between style and technology seamlessly.

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