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OnePlus 12 and 12R Launched Stateside Amid Google Pixel Price Slashing Bonanza

Major smartphone savings surfaced this week as Chinese manufacturer OnePlus debuted their OnePlus 12 and 12R flagships domestically alongside Google unleashing dramatic Pixel 7 series price cuts.

For Android enthusiasts on upgrade watch, timing proves fortuitous capturing discounts across competitive devices. Here’s what to know about freshly-released OnePlus models plus nearly half-off Pixel 7 deals before the bonanza concludes.

OnePlus 12 and 12R Now Available in the United States

Initially unveiled last month in China, the OnePlus 12T series enters American retail channels this week. Variants arrive configured with different displays, charging speeds and rear camera arrays to satisfy diverse preferences and budgets.

OnePlus 12T Flagship Touts Quad Camera Array

Headlining lies the OnePlus 12T itself starting from $799 packing a bold 6.7″ QHD+ panel with slick 120Hz fluidity. Photos get captured by a versatile quad camera stack topped by a 50MP Sony sensor. Expect admirably bright and detailed exposures across lenses plus 8K video capture.

A premium aluminum and Gorilla Glass shell encases class-leading horsepower courtesy Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip. Zippy interface navigation meets gaming prowess while 80W charging gulps enough juice in 41 minutes for a full day’s uptime.

OnePlus 12T “Lite” Still Impresses for $699

Alternatively the OnePlus 12R positions itself as a budget-friendlier spin on the formula for $699. Consumers still enjoy a gorgeous 6.7″ AMOLED display albeit 1080p resolution this round. Photos rely on the same 50MP Sony image sensor minus 8K video. Cost cuts mainly come via slower charging and less premium build.

But respectable battery life, ample performance and solid cameras persist making for affordable entry into OnePlus’ hallmark software experience – especially buyers who skipped the OnePlus 10 generation.

Google Slashes Pixel 7 Series Pricing Across Models

In a surprise gambit attempting undercutting OnePlus momentum, Google implemented sweeping Pixel 7 series discounts equating hundreds in instant savings.

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro See Steep Reductions

Specifically the Pixel 7 128GB gets chopped to $499 instead off $599 while the flagship Pixel 7 Pro 512GB model now commands $749, an incredible $350 deduction off sticker.

Such aggressive pricing cements the Pixel 7 lineup delivering phenomenal cameras, refined hardware plus Google’s exclusive Android experiences at value territory – with savings in some cases exceeding Black Friday!

More Affordable Pixel 6a Joins the Deals Frenzy

And the savings extend downrange to Google’s budget-focused Pixel 6a seeing a $50 price cut to $399. While technically a generation behind, the 6a still flaunts competent flagship-tier performance wrapped within an easy one-handed form factor.

This stylish little sibling inherits the same industry-leading Pixel photo credentials making it an easy recommendation capturing stunning Instagram shots without breaking the bank.

More Must-See Mobile Tech Deals Abound

Rounding out additional score opportunities, we spotlight extra phone and tablet discounts worth your dollars:

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Still Discounted

Despite the Galaxy S23 launch imminent next month, deals continue slashing S22 pricing like the S22 Ultra seeing $300 off for $999. Samsung promises at least four major Android version updates ensuring longevity.

2021 iPad Mini Only $399 for 64GB WiFi

In the market for an ultra-portable iPad? The capable 2021 iPad Mini wisely balances functionality, apps support plus wieldy 8.3″ size without entering laptop pricing.

Right now the 64GB WiFi model sheds $100 off list dropping to only $399 – making it highly giftable for new tablet seekers without breaking budgets.

Apple Watch Ultra $60 Off at $739

We close spotlighting Apple’s ruggedized pro-grade wearable seeing a modest yet still rare $60 discount. Apple Watch Ultra delivers exhaustive fitness tracking capabilities like dive computers and multi-band GPS wrapped within a nearly indestructible titanium chassis.

For athletes and outdoor explorers who’ve outgrown standard models, Ultra presents irresistible adventure support especially when discounted.

We’ll keep scouting and sharing future phone plus accessory deals here, so check back often!

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