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OnePlus 12 Gets Brainy New Tricks: Inside the AI-Enhanced OxygenOS Update

OnePlus recently unveiled an intriguing OxygenOS update for its flagship OnePlus 12 phone, packing helpful AI smarts into core device functionality like phone calls, image editing and article reading.

While currently only available in China, this preview of enhanced AI assistance highlights emerging convenience-boosting technology likely coming soon globally. Let’s decrypt how machine learning might ease daily tasks across three key areas.

Automated Call Catch-Ups with Summarizer

First in the update, OnePlus injects calls with intelligence through an AI Call Summarizer automatically generating transcripts of conversations in your absence. Upon returning, simply glance at the condensed digest rather than playing back entire lengthy voicemails.

This handy feature also creates shareable call summaries. No more fuzzy recollections or annotations needed for recalls. Just forward the complete overview extracted from the dialogue itself courtesy of AI, saving time for everyone.

Streamlining Communication Recaps

By automatizing transcription and summaries of calls missed, OnePlus eases integrating critical information exchanges back into busy schedules. The AI Call Summarizer brings you rapidly up to speed while reducing tedious playback.

Photobomb Begone! Fix Flaws with Face Retouching

Additionally, OnePlus 12 photographers can now harness AI magic erasing unwanted visial elements like passersby photobombing or powerlines interrupting perfect landscape panoramas.

The AI-powered Object Remover gives users granular control over eliminating extraneous subjects or objects to streamline photos towards intentional core focuses. No more ruined captures or editing hassles fixing frame clutter!

Restoring Photographic Serenity

This smart deletion tool greatly simplifies refining images according to imagination rather than environmental realities. Now interrupting objects vanish as quickly as they appeared thanks to the AI-enabled editing.

Effortless Article Summarization

Lastly, OnePlus 12 readers can utilize an AI Article Summarizer condensing lengthy reads into concise excerpts for accelerated content digestion. Whether skimming industry whitepapers or clicking news links from Twitter, this article approximation simplifies scanning essence.

Specifically trained comprehension models analyze textual nuance before outputting condensed synopses packed with key statistics, pivotal turning points or central themes within longer documents.

Cutting Through the Information Clutter

Overall these additions represent mere hints at the seamless intelligence already transforming smartphones from useful slabs into personalized portals. OnePlus continues pushing boundaries on what users should expect from assistive companion devices.

Would AI integration like OnePlus’ appeal in your next phone? Which enhancement seems most valuable? Share your thoughts below!


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