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OG Fortnite Map Returns – Causes Huge 40% Player Spike

Epic Games recently surprised Fortnite players by bringing back the original Chapter 1 map as a limited time mode. This iconic original Fortnite map was accessible for one week in November 2022 to celebrate the game’s 5th anniversary.

The return of OG Fortnite absolutely exploded, drawing over 3.9 million concurrent players within 24 hours – a massive 40% spike from Fortnite’s recent averages.

Let’s take a deeper look at why the OG Fortnite map resulted in such an unprecedented player surge. We’ll also analyze what the map’s immense popularity means for Fortnite going forward.

OG Fortnite Map Overview

The original Fortnite map released in July 2017 alongside the early access launch of Fortnite: Save the World. This map was gradually transformed as Fortnite Battle Royale took over in popularity.

Many iconic locations like Tilted Towers, Dusty Depot, Tomato Town and more were added over subsequent seasons. The Chapter 1 map evolved for nearly two years before being destroyed and replaced by Chapter 2’s new island in October 2019.

Epic Games painstakingly recreated the OG map to resemble its state around March 2019 during the peak of Fortnite. This allowed players to revisit classic areas like:

  • Tilted Towers and Retail Row
  • Polar Peak and Frosty Flights
  • Lucky Landing and Sunny Steps
  • Paradise Palms and Lazy Lagoon

The OG map brought back countless player-built structures and terrain changes as well. Moving zones, siphon, and stretched resolution were also implemented to mimic the original Fortnite Battle Royale experience.

Overall, the return of the OG Fortnite map provided an overwhelming blast of nostalgia – and the player numbers reflected this.

By the Numbers: OG Fortnite’s Staggering Player Spike

According to unofficial stat trackers like Fortnite.GG, the OG Fortnite map led to a simply unprecedented 40% increase in concurrent players.

The day before OG Fortnite went live, Fortnite averaged around 2.8 million concurrent players. This reflects the game’s normal numbers throughout season 4 in September/October 2022.

However, on November 15th when the OG map released, Fortnite skyrocketed to over 3.9 million concurrent users within 24 hours.

To put this into perspective, the last time Fortnite hit 3.9 million concurrent players was all the way back in Chapter 2 Season 2 in 2020. Fortnite seeing “Chapter 2 numbers” in 2022 highlights just how incredibly popular the OG map was.

The surge was also dramatically larger compared to other recent special events like the Naruto crossover which increased concurrent players by about 15%.

The fact OG Fortnite grew well above Fortnite’s recent peaks shows just how powerfully nostalgia resonated across the community. Let’s explore why this map means so much to players.

Why Players Love OG Fortnite So Much

Clearly, the original Chapter 1 map holds a very special place in players’ hearts. But what specifically makes this OG map so iconic and nostalgic?


Many current Fortnite players started during Chapter 1 and played countless hours exploring the OG map. They know every corner, loot route, and terrain elevation like the back of their hand.

The muscle memory kicks in immediately upon returning to Tilted Towers or Dusty Depot, creating comfort and familiarity. OG Fortnite just “feels right” to longtime players.


Along with familiarity comes strong nostalgia. Veteran players feel sentimental remembering all the fun times and friendships formed during Fortnite’s early years.

The OG map brings back memories of players’ first Victory Royale, favorite landing spots, historic highlights like rocket launches, and more. It reignites Fortnite’s magical early days.


Unlike today’s complex loot pools, the OG Fortnite map provided simpler, more streamlined gameplay. Players enjoyed revisiting the straightforward weapons and items of earlier seasons.

There’s less information overload compared to Chapter 3’s elaborate mechanics. OG Fortnite lets veterans recapture the pure gunplay and building fundamentals.


While the core gameplay remains unchanged, the OG map does provide something fresh and new simply by virtue of being different from the current island.

Shifting landscapes, new POIs, and evolved mechanics prevent Fortnite from ever feeling identical to its original state. The OG map returned just long enough to be a novel treat.

Competitive Spirit

Many current pro Fortnite players like Bugha and Clix also entered the scene during the OG map era. Top competitors yearned to test their current skills in the historic competitive environment.

These reasons together explain why OG Fortnite completely enthralled players once again. The map’s limited time return made it an unmissable event for new and old players alike.

What OG Fortnite’s Popularity Means for Epic Games

Epic Games is surely taking notes from OG Fortnite’s astronomical player spike. The map’s reception affirms a few things about Fortnite’s future:

Fans Crave Nostalgia

If the staggering OG Fortnite numbers tell us anything, it’s that players are absolutely starving for nostalgic content. The mere tease of the original map suggests a huge underlying demand.

It proves players still fondly remember Fortnite’s early seasons despite how much the game has evolved since. Epic would be smart to tap back into that nostalgia more regularly.

Old ≠ Forgotten

The misconception around live service games like Fortnite is that old content becomes irrelevant once it’s vaulted. But the passion for OG Fortnite shows older material still holds significance.

Just because something like Tilted Towers disappeared from the main map doesn’t mean players forgot it. Epic shouldn’t underestimate attachment to classic content.

Variety is Key

OG Fortnite made the current map feel fresh again simply by providing an alternative for a limited time. Having something different reinvigorates the core gameplay loop.

Epic should take this as a lesson in the value of switching things up. Keeping the map, loot pool, and meta flexible through modes like OG Fortnite retains player interest.

Listen to Your Players

Epic was surprised OG Fortnite did so well because the team itself didn’t anticipate such a strong response. This shows the company can’t rely solely on internal data and metrics.

Actively listening to qualitative player feedback provides crucial insights that analytics alone miss. Epic must stay closely connected with the Fortnite community.

The immense popularity of returning to the OG map reveals Epic needs to holistically understand the human emotions and nostalgia tied to Fortnite. This will be crucial for retaining players over the next five years and beyond.

Potential for Regular Throwback Maps & Modes

Epic Games would be wise to make OG Fortnite a recurring mode given the overwhelming community reception. Along with bringing back the original map, here are some other throwback ideas:

Chapter 1 Limited Time Mode

Why stop at just the original map? Epic could create limited time modes that faithfully recreate entire past seasons and mechanics.

Imagine being able to play classic Chapter 1 Season 3 complete with the flood, Shockwave Grenades, and even helicopters on the OG map. It would be a blast from the past for veteran players.

Unvaulted Weapons LTM

Rotate in an LTM with a selection of favorite vaulted weapons only available on the OG or Chapter 1 maps. The perfect opportunity for OP items like Infinity Blade or planes that don’t belong on the current map.

Party Assist Challenges

Bring back party assist challenges for throwback LTMs. Let friends complete quests together and revive the social excitement around new seasons and unlocks.

Concert & Event Replays

Epic could bring back virtual concert events and story moments like Travis Scott’s show or The End event for new players to experience on throwback maps.

The Future Looks Bright for Fortnite

Not all games can pull players back years later – just look at titles like Overwatch or Apex Legends that lost steam over time. But Fortnite repeatedly defies expectations, as seen with OG Fortnite.

Rather than being a passing fad, Fortnite seemingly always crafts new ways to resonate with its massive community. Epic Games pours care into each map, meta shift, and content update.

Some players understandably felt Chapter 3 failed to recapture earlier Fortnite magic based on declining engagement.

However, the OG Fortnite rebound emphatically shows this legendary title still occupies a special place in gamers’ hearts. The future continues to look bright as Fortnite enters its sixth year.

If Epic keeps engaging with player feedback and leveraging Fortnite’s rich history, the game could easily maintain dominance for another half decade to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About the OG Fortnite Map’s Return

Here are some common questions and answers about the iconic original Fortnite map coming back as a limited time mode:

Q: When was the OG Fortnite map available?

A: The original Fortnite map returned for one week from November 15th to November 22nd, 2022 in celebration of Fortnite’s 5th birthday.

Q: What version of OG Fortnite did Epic recreate?

A: The reimagined OG map closely mirrored the state of the game around March 2019 during the peak of Chapter 1.

Q: Why was OG Fortnite so popular and raise player counts?

A: It offered overwhelming nostalgia, especially for early Chapter 1 veterans. The simple, streamlined gameplay was also a nice change from complex new Fortnite.

Q: Will OG Fortnite return in the future?

A: Epic hasn’t confirmed OG Fortnite will be regularly recurring. But based on the hugely positive response, Epic would be wise to bring OG Fortnite back as an LTM.

Q: Did competitive tournaments happen on the OG map?

A: Yes, Epic ran dedicated competitive Zero Build and Build mode tournaments on the OG map featuring top pro players.

Q: Were skins and unlocks from OG Fortnite available?

A: Players could use any skins they already owned, but unvaulted original Chapter 1 skins weren’t available if you didn’t obtain them originally.

Q: Could you complete quests on the OG map?

A: Yes, daily and seasonal quests could be progressed as normal on the OG Fortnite map during its availability.

We hope this FAQ helps summarize all the key details about Fortnite’s massively popular return to the original map. Let us know your favorite OG Fortnite memories in the comments!

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