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New Xbox Game Pass titles for console, PC and Cloud: January’s Latest Additions Bring Thrills and Chills

The new year kicks off with a thrilling array of fresh titles for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. From brooding action-RPGs to creepy puzzle adventures, Xbox outdid itself cramming January’s lineup with mouthwatering gaming goodness.

Let’s explore the heavy hitters and hidden indie gems landing on Game Pass throughout January 2023 that promise to warm up those winter nights.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Brings Vicious Raids to Game Pass

Ubisoft’s beloved Viking epic lands day-one on Game Pass, treating subscribers to the bloodthirsty open-world action RPG steeped in Norse lore and savage combat.

Lead Epic Raids Across Kingdoms

As legendary Viking Eivor, players can forge alliances, customize gear, and steer longships on expansive naval raids against Saxon strongholds dotting Britain’s kingdoms.

Dynamic Seasonal Events

The world also evolves in real-time featuring weekly challenges and seasonal events like Yule Festival bringing persistent depth throughout your journey.

Return to Raccoon City with Resident Evil 2 Remake

Capcom’s beloved 1998 survival horror classic undergoes a chilling modern makeover with the fan-adored 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake now slaying zombies on Game Pass.

Gripping Horror in a Modernized Package

Iconic protagonists Leon and Claire contend with T-virus monstrosities and crimson head zombies while unravelling mysteries behind Umbrella Corp’s botched Raccoon City outbreak.

Expanded Content and Visual Improvements

Beyond astounding next-gen visuals, Capcom stuffed in new modes, expanded stories, and quality-of-life enhancements making this the definitive way to experience a landmark horror classic.

Uncover Small Town Secrets in Those Who Remain

For puzzle fans thirsting mystery, the ominous first-person psychological thriller Those Who Remain also sneaks onto Game Pass headlining January’s underrated indie standouts.

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An Atmospheric Slow Burn

Set across one fateful, tension-filled night, players investigate a peculiar darkness consuming the sleepy town of Dormont,Unravel occult secrets and face moral dilemmas that craft this intentionally paced, brooding narrative.

Thought-Provoking Story Choices

Navigating the ensemble cast and growing mysteries, significant decisions dramatically impact the tale doubling replay value of this eerie, underplayed brain-teaser.

Go Retro with Arcade Baseball Action in Super Mega Baseball 4

For sports fans, the zany arcade baseball antics of Super Mega Baseball 4 bring home run fun with oodles of customization options to personalize your roster.

Lighthearted Pick-Up-And Play Premise

Beyond exhibition matches, the single player campaign invites managing an upstart expansion team through multiple seasons against colorful foes with gameplay friendly for baseball newcomers.

Personalize Your Club in Franchise Mode

Alternatively, take the reins overseeing every aspect governing your ball club through complete customization tools, stat tracking, and scouting felt across seasonal campaigns.

Cult Classics New and Old Join the Ranks

Looking beyond the headliners, Game Pass continues stuffing its catalog with cult favorites spanning genres and eras.

Mind-Bending Dystopia in We Happy Few

The retrofuturistic survival game We Happy Few presents a drug-fueled world where conformity masks deeper societal decay. Scavenge, craft, blend into crowds, and slowly unravel this eccentric setting’s alarming truths.

Puzzle-Filled Sci-Fi Voyage in Close to the Sun

Or explore the atmospheric horror-adventure Close to the Sun, solving environmental puzzles aboard a mysterious research vessel blending retrofuturism and Nikola Tesla influences into an unsettling hybrid.

The Future is Bright for Game Pass in 2023

With AAA powerhouses still launching day-one on the service like ARK 2 and Starfield, plus Microsoft’s ballooning acquisition warchest, Game Pass subscribers have much to celebrate entering 2023.

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New gaming utopia Redfall, space epic Starfield, stunning action game Atomic Heart, and dozens more incoming exclusives promise the hits will keep coming all year long.

Stuffed with heavy hitters and hand-picked gems, January’s offerings foreshadow another banner year where Game Pass retains its title as gaming’s best deal.



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