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LG 2024 OLED TV Arriving Next Month: Pricing, Sizes, New Features

LG has unveiled its much-awaited 2024 TV collection headlined by new generation OLED models with enhancements like increased luminosity and upgraded processors. Available in multiple sizes ranging from 42-inches to a massive 97-inch flagship, they will hit stores next month starting at an entry price of $1499.

In this in-depth guide, we analyze all the key details around LG’s latest OLED TV offering including launch timelines, available screen sizes, pricing breakdowns, and how the technology upgrades compare against previous 2023 editions according to early unofficial testing.

Launch Date and Availability

The entire lineup of LG 2024 OLED televisions including the G3, C3, B3 and A3 series are scheduled to launch globally next month across online and brick-and-mortar retail partners.

Specific dates may vary slightly across different regions and authorized LG dealers. But consumers can expect more concrete local release details and channel availability from LG over the next 2-3 weeks building up to the official debut following recent unveilings at tech tradeshows.

Pricing Starts at $1499 for 42-Inch Model

For the highly anticipated 2024 C3 series 4K OLED TV, LG has matched its aggressive introductory pricing from the previous year at $1499 for the smallest 42-inch model.

Compared to the 2023 series launch MSRPs, this still represents excellent value retention for early adopters even accounting for inflationary impacts across components like processors and raw display materials.

As expected, pricing escalates further as interested buyers move up the newly launched range of screen sizes in the collection:

  • 48-inch OLED TV: $1599
  • 55-inch OLED TV: $1799
  • 65-inch OLED TV: $2499
  • 77-inch OLED TV: $3299
  • 83-inch OLED TV: $4999
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Delving into even more premium territory, the pinnacle 97-inch G3 series OLED TV under the new product family carries a steep $25,000 MSRP – same as its record-setting 2023 predecessor.

How Do The 2024 Models Compare on Specs?

LG has packed noticeable hardware improvements into its latest generation 2024 OLED TV offerings compared to the previous editions:

Higher Luminous Efficiency

Through optical refinements across critical components managing light output, many expert early reviewers have recorded brightness measurements on the 2024 LG OLED sets coming in around 10-15% higher than their corresponding 2023 counterparts.

These panel luminosity gains are especially valuable for HDR content playback, adding specular highlights and shadow details in challenging high contrast scenes.

Faster Processors

Under the hood, LG has embedded upgraded next-gen processors powering critical functionality like visual upscaling of lower resolution material to match native 4K output capabilities.

Exact technical benchmarks remain vague for now. But LG promises faster and more efficient processing leveraging advances in chip design and manufacturing processes over the past year.

WebOS Updates

On the software side, the new webOS platform update for LG TVs includes an improved home screen experience. Users also get easier device pairing flows for accessories like wireless headphones.

Gaming centric features receive a particular boost this generation, with support for variable refresh rates and faster response times to satisfy demanding customers.

How Do The 2024 OLED TVs Compare to 2023 Models?

While LG has achieved impressive technological improvements with the 2024 lineup, early testing indicates they still follow a familiar blueprint laid out by their predecessors in terms of strengths and limitations:

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Best-in-Class Picture Quality

Reviewers single out industry leading contrast and color reproduction capabilities on the new models inheritted from LG’s OLED pedigree – cementing their status as a picture quality first option.

Sound Output Tradeoffs

Audio performance remains good but not great, similar to 2023. Competing high-end QLED TVs tend to pack louder and more well-rounded sound systems.

As such, home theater enthusiasts will still want to budget for a separate premium soundbar system to complement these OLED television sets.

Smart Feature Parity

The latest webOS software puts LG’s smart TV capabilities at feature parity with Samsung’s highly rated Tizen platform – no major differentiators anymore to shift preferences in either direction.

At this stage, both platforms offer robust apps, intuitive controls and robust casting/mirroring capabilities for the vast majority of buyer needs.

Closing Recommendations

Based on the advance testing analysis, LG’s 2024 OLED TV collection seems highly compelling for premium television buyers much like its 2023 predecessors which topped critics charts.

The new generation enhancements around faster performance, boosted brightness and gaming centric features also make them future proof to an extent.

For shoppers, the mid-range C3 OLED series likely represents the best mix of price to performance value. But the flagship giant screen G3 97-inch model retains bragging rights for the ultimate cinematic viewing experience that money can buy.


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