Google’s AI Dilemma: Gemini’s Delay and Bard’s Hallucination Struggles

In the intricate realm of artificial intelligence (AI), Google finds itself contending with hurdles in the progression of two pivotal AI models, Gemini and Bard. While Gemini grapples with delays, Bard confronts persistent issues with hallucinations, underscoring the complexities inherent in AI development.

Gemini’s Stalled Debut

Originally slated for a fall 2023 release, Gemini’s entrance into the AI landscape has hit a snag. Citing sources from The Information, Google has opted to postpone Gemini’s release, now expected in the first quarter of the following year. The setback is attributed to the intricate nature of Gemini’s design, tailored to tackle intricate tasks encompassing natural language processing and computer vision.

Bard’s Hallucination Predicament

Meanwhile, Bard, engineered for crafting imaginative textual formats, faces its own set of challenges. As per Vectara’s Hallucination Leaderboard, Google’s PaLM 2 and PaLM Chat, affiliated with Bard, register high hallucination rates at 12.1% and 27.2%, respectively. This stands in stark contrast to GPT-4, boasting a notably lower hallucination rate of 3%.

The Inherent Struggles in AI Development

The obstacles confronted by Gemini and Bard echo a common narrative in AI development. Navigating the intricacies of AI model creation is a multifaceted and time-intensive endeavor, with precision and reliability often proving elusive. Hallucinations, particularly in the realm of creative text generation, present a unique challenge, as AI models encounter complexities in balancing creativity with accuracy.

Google’s Stance Amidst Challenges

Google has maintained a public silence on the tribulations faced by Gemini and Bard. Despite this, Google’s track record of substantial investments in AI research and development suggests a commitment to overcoming these challenges. It is foreseeable that Google will persist in refining Gemini and Bard, eventually unveiling these AI models to the public.

In Retrospect and Prospects

The challenges encountered by Gemini and Bard serve as a poignant reminder that AI, despite strides, remains an evolving technology. Google’s prominence in AI research and development signifies a trajectory toward resolution. As Google forges ahead in AI development, the future promises even more remarkable applications, underscoring the continuous evolution of this transformative technology.


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