CES 2024: Where Tech Gets Weird (and Wildly Impressive)

Another Consumer Electronics Show CES entered scintillating Las Vegas history books this January filled with customary market-shaping spectacles — but also uncanny gadgetry provoking confused head scratches between sparkling spectacle interludes.

Beyond buzzy bleeding edge 8K televisions, electric vehicle pivots and celebrity keynote cameos lay eccentric entrepreneur visions waiting patiently for their unconventional genius acknowledgment one day.

These fringe phenomena often appear outlandish presently yet subtly manifest mainstream adoption gradually. Here were some eyebrow-elevating highlights notepad-worthy!

The Return of the BlackBerry?

Longing former CrackBerry devotees felt thumbs tingling this CES discovering familiar tactile keys becoming iPhone compatriots courtesy Clicks Technology.

These ingenious hardware hackers birthed a slim case cradling Apple’s glass slabs within, seamlessly blessing iMessage devotees physical keyboard nostalgia through a slide mount sliding seamlessly onto Lightning (or USB-C) ports.

Will such nineties enterprise nostalgia translate compellingly for contemporary consumers though? This amounts a controversial $129 debate kindling curiosity nonetheless!

Your Own Personal Mind Reader

Science fiction AI hallmarks like emotion detection felt nearer through LG’s awkwardly endearing Smart Home Robot flaunting cartoon eyes. This diminutive domestic data interpreter observantly monitors household happenings, responding supportively by adjusting environment factors when detecting disorder.

So feel stressed juggling dinner preparations? Witness temperature dims while calming music envelops sensitively. Such contextual comprehension promises profoundly personalized living spaces accommodating occupants considerately.

But risks around manipulating susceptible psyches linger…elsewhere apparently!

Bass Boosting Bizarrewear

Wearable wonders continued flourishing into uncanny appending territory too like Nura’s quasi-headphones lacking traditional cups completely.

Instead, these around-ear loops project sound waves indirectly towards wearers while housing hidden directional speakers smartly leveraged during phone calls by essentially putting callers on speakerphone secretly.

Weird? Maybe, but moving sound waves wirelessly into personalized pockets around heads likely presages spatial audio’s next evolution vector.

Guardian Grandma Sentry

Emerging device categories target growing aging population considerations as well — namely remotely monitoring elderly living independently earlier through technologies like Cherish Health’s Serenity sensor.

This Wi-Fi signal sensing wall unit passively detects falling patterns and alerts nominated caregivers reactively during high risk occasions hopefully preempting serious post-tumble injuries.

Such vigilance vanguards leverage connectivity convergences benefiting demographic groups navigating delicate physical faculties presumably — albeit not without subtler privacy qualms lurking.

The weird wild west tech frontier continues expanding health horizons if cautiously compassionately!


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