Is Coffee Just a Warm Hug for Your CPU? Intel Familiar Faces Get a Refreshed Brew

Calm and comfort encapsulates Intel’s latest desktop processor rollouts this January – rather than sizzling new microarchitectures brewing revolutionary performance, familiar 12th & 13th generation silicon instead receives affectionate upgrades through ceremonial clock speed kissing just like finishing off Sunday morning coffee warming leftovers.

But does this metaphorical reheating quench 2023 upgrade thirsts? Let’s inhale the aromatic fumes analyzing details both incremental and naming novel.

Another Spoonful of Grounds: Modest 5% Speed Bumps

Heartening existing owners first, Intel infuses extra frequency headroom into elder 12th and 13th generation Core i9, i7 and i5 models via opportunistic binning and refractory technique refinements.

This cooks up an additional few hundred megahertz overclocking potential from selectively golden processors left briefly forgotten while next-generation projects monopolized oven priorities.

Gifts include the Core i9-13900KS now flaunting performance 20% faster than even the already quick Core i9-13900K at over 6 gigahertz peak Turbo velocities!

Slimmed Naming Conventions Brewin’ Fresh Simplicity

But THAT received 12th/13th gen kissing accompanies newly brewed processors too – anonymous ones rebranded now avoiding convoluted mobility/performance suffixedJ series/H series alphabet soup differentiators.

Behold easier distinguishing Core i3, i5 and i7 numerical performance groupings land THIS year through 1/5/7 Series U/P suffixes targeting portable workstations/desktops respectively.

This oversimplification leaves consumers instantly recognizing application targeting and capabilities at surface glance.

Espresso Speed Within Ultraportable Profiles

Those mobility-minded double-digit newcomers cram impressive processing prowess challenging even some 45-watt parts at just 15/28 thermal wattages.

The range-topping Core i7-1370P in particular promises rendering video exports or compiling software projects near three times quicker than comparable last-generation Core i7-1260P U-series chips.

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Diligently determined laptop road warriors no longer compromise responsiveness sipping scaled-down brews in the name of featherlight chassis pursuit.

itering Amidst Architectural Accomplishment Anticipation

Alas amidst vanilla velvety reheating some critics inevitably chafe at perceived unadventurousness incrementally improving existing recipes while next-generation ingredient exploration captures fascinations elsewhere.

They argue late-stage optical manufacturing output maximization exercises waste precious testing tasting new Meteor Lake mobile architectural ideas brimming supposedly vastly more radical performance reimagining.

But Intel reassures both paths place pioneers first just requiring balanced patience as discoveries distill gradual transformative changemaking.

The future holds more exciting coffee indeed!


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