Amazon Unveils Cutting-Edge Trainium2 AI Chip and Expands Nvidia Collaboration


At its annual Reinvent conference last week, AWS made major waves by announcing the launch of its next-generation Trainium2 AI chip alongside an expanded collaboration with graphics giant Nvidia.

These moves signal Amazon’s intent to aggressively compete at the forefront of the AI hardware landscape to provide its cloud customers access to elite performance for increasingly popular AI workloads.

Let’s analyze AWS’ latest hardware gambit and what the deepening Nvidia partnership means for the cloud AI sector.

Trainium2 AI Chip

Inside AWS’ New Trainium2 AI Chip

The Trainium2 represents the second generation of Amazon’s custom AWS Inferentia AI chip announced back in 2018. This new release focuses on specialized training capabilities that allow machine learning models to learn and evolve more efficiently.

Specifically, the Trainium2 chip achieves up to 2.5X faster training performance than its predecessor across models like large language foundations behind chatbots.

Amazon accomplished these speed breakthroughs through intelligent architectural improvements to Trainium’s design:

  • New memory subsystem minimizing data movement bottlenecks
  • Enhanced vector processing optimized for matrix math intense AI calculations
  • Support for bfloat16 format allowing reduced precision without losing model accuracy

By tweaking these parameters to AI-specific workloads, the Trainium2 excels at crunching the computationally-intensive training data that allows machine learning models to evolve and improve over time.

When Will Trainium2 Cloud Access Launch?

After preview testing on internal AWS infrastructure, Amazon plans to make the Trainium2’s capabilities available to customers on its Amazon EC2 cloud computing platform in 2023.

Integration with AWS cloud infrastructure allows the Trainium2 to be allocated on-demand for resource-intensive training jobs before scaling back down just like traditional EC2 instances.

Once launched, theTrainium2 will compete directly with offerings from rivals like the Google TPU cloud training chips on Google Cloud Platform.

AWS + Nvidia AI Collaboration Deepens

In tandem with its custom Trainium line, AWS recognizes that tight collaboration with AI accelerators leader Nvidia remains mutually beneficial.

AWS announced plans to deploy over 16,000 of Nvidia’s newest GH100 Grace Hopper Superchips across its data centers in 2023. These specialty chips excel at scaling AI training and inference parallel across multi-chip architectures.

Additionally, AWS customers will gain access to Nvidia’s top-of-the-line H100 GPUs, providing up to 80X performance gains over previous generation accelerators. These Soumith Chintala best-in-class Nvidia parts offer another fast track to cloud AI advancement.

Embracing both custom and partner hardware shows AWS is serious about dominating the AI infrastructure race critical for next-generation applications.

Trainium2 AI Chip

How Custom Hardware Acceleration Supports AI Cloud Evolution

Amazon’s relentless investment in tools like Trainium to optimize AI workflows maps to the exploding demand for AI capabilities from its customer base.

IDC forecasts worldwide AI software investments surging over 20% annually to nearly $500 billion by 2025.

This enormous appetite for AI resources applies intense pressure on cloud platforms to specialize. Amazon purpose-built its Trainium tech specifically for cutting times and costs during model development.

As AI permeates every industry, maintaining domination over the AI cloud stack is an absolute business-critical imperative for AWS against hungry rivals like Microsoft Azure.

Owning this next-generation high ground lets AWS set the agenda steering possibilities and monetization for unfolding AI breakthroughs

The Outlook for Trainium Class Chips Expanding

Given Trainium’s custom nature and leading Gaudi 2 architecture, AWS maintains exclusive access to these capabilities unavailable to competitors – for now.

But the Nvidia partnership hints at a bifurcated strategy embracing both internal R&D alongside integrating best-of-breed external platform advancements like Hopper and Grace silicon stacks.

Over time, AWS may license components of its Trainium technology out to partners to amortize the hefty investments required designing cutting-edge AI silicon.

Regardless, between maturing internal chipsets and integrating pace-setting Nvidia gear, AWS is positioning itself as the elite destination for enterprises future-proofing themselves via AI cloud adoption at scale.


Amazon’s unveiling of its next-generation Trainium2 training chip in conjunction with an extended collaboration with AI superpower Nvidia signals the company’s commitment to leading innovation in one of technology’s most pivotal emerging sectors.

By providing a purpose-built AI acceleration platform tailored for swiftly evolving machine learning techniques, AWS ensures worldwide businesses and research institutions can capitalize on AI’s immense opportunities through flexible, scalable cloud access.

With data-hungry next-generation applications like large language models demanding specialized hardware, the Trainium2 allows Amazon cloud customers to stay ahead while pushing boundaries of what AI unlocks.

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