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Valorant Console Beta: Mouse and Keyboard Use Leads to Bans

As the highly anticipated Valorant closed beta for consoles is underway, some players are already facing the consequences of attempting to gain an unfair advantage. Reports have emerged of players being banned for using a mouse and keyboard instead of the required controller, a violation of the game’s rules and commitment to maintaining a level playing field.

Valorant Console Beta: Mouse and Keyboard Use Leads to Bans

The Importance of Fair Play in Valorant

Valorant, the immensely popular tactical shooter developed by Riot Games, is known for its competitive nature and emphasis on skill-based gameplay. To ensure that all players have an equal opportunity to succeed, the game is designed with a delicate balance in mind, especially when it comes to input devices.

In the console version of Valorant, players are expected to use a controller to navigate the game’s intense battles and strategic challenges. This requirement is not simply a matter of preference but a deliberate choice to maintain fairness among competitors.

The Advantage of Mouse and Keyboard

The use of a mouse and keyboard in a first-person shooter like Valorant provides a significant advantage over using a controller. The superior aiming precision offered by a mouse allows players to make quick and accurate movements, giving them an edge in firefights and other crucial moments.

To prevent this imbalance and ensure that all players are on equal footing, Riot Games has implemented strict rules prohibiting the use of mouse and keyboard on consoles. Players who attempt to circumvent these rules by using adapters or other methods to connect unauthorized peripherals are subject to swift and decisive action.

Vanguard: Valorant’s Anti-Cheat Sentinel

Riot Games has a proven track record of taking a strong stance against cheating and unfair play in their games. In Valorant, this commitment is embodied by Vanguard, the game’s advanced anti-cheat software. Vanguard is designed to detect and prevent various forms of cheating, including the use of unauthorized input devices.

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According to Marcus Reid, Valorant’s tech lead, Vanguard is capable of identifying players who use mouse and keyboard adapters, also known as XIM devices, to trick the system into thinking they are using a controller. When such behavior is detected, the anti-cheat system swiftly issues a ban to the offending player.

A Clear Message: Play Fair or Face the Consequences


The recent wave of bans in the Valorant console beta serves as a stark reminder that Riot Games is serious about maintaining the integrity of their game. A video circulating online showcases a player being banned mid-match for using a mouse and keyboard, demonstrating the swift and uncompromising nature of the anti-cheat system.

For players eager to dive into the world of Valorant on consoles, the message is clear: stick to the controller or risk facing the consequences. While the temptation to gain an advantage through unauthorized means may be strong, the long-term health and fairness of the game depend on everyone playing by the same rules.

Looking Ahead: Possible Mouse and Keyboard Support?

As the Valorant console beta progresses and the game moves towards its official release, some players may wonder if there are plans to introduce official mouse and keyboard support in the future. While Riot Games has not made any definitive statements on this matter, it’s important to note that such a decision would require careful consideration and balancing to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.

For now, the focus remains on the controller-based gameplay that defines the Valorant console experience. As the beta continues and more players join the fray, Riot Games will undoubtedly be monitoring feedback and making necessary adjustments to optimize the game for the console audience.

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The recent bans of Valorant console beta players using mouse and keyboard serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of fair play in competitive gaming. Riot Games’ commitment to maintaining a level playing field through the use of advanced anti-cheat measures like Vanguard ensures that skill, strategy, and teamwork remain the defining factors in Valorant’s intense battles.

As the game continues to evolve and grow on consoles, players can expect Riot Games to remain vigilant in their efforts to combat cheating and promote a healthy, enjoyable experience for all. Whether you’re a seasoned Valorant veteran or a newcomer to the world of tactical shooters, remember to play fair, have fun, and embrace the thrill of competition on a level playing field.


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