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The Must-Have Vision Pro Apps for 2024

Apple’s new Vision Pro headset has taken the tech world by storm with its innovative augmented reality (AR) capabilities and expansive feature set that pushes boundaries. As developers tap into the potential of this hardware, exciting new apps continue to emerge that offer next-level immersive experiences.

But with the sheer volume of options, finding the really standout Vision Pro apps can be challenging. That’s why we’ve rounded up the absolute must-have apps that maximize the remarkable opportunities enabled by this AR headset across gaming, entertainment, creativity and productivity.

Next-Generation Immersive Gaming

Gaming leaps into new frontiers with the Vision Pro, surpassing limits of monitors and VR headsets. These apps deliver unparalleled realism and interactivity by blending cutting-edge graphics with transformative AR implementations.

Jetborne Racing

Strap into a high-octane hoverbike race and speed through dynamically generated futuristic tracks towering around your actual environment. Jetborne’s scan mapping algorithm builds layouts tailored to your unique playspace for unlimited replayability.


Revolutionize tabletop gaming with this visionary app that transforms any flat surface into a 3D holographic battlefield. Wage war with ultra-detailed units and terrain that interact seamlessly with real-world objects for next-level strategy gameplay.


Master transdimensional puzzles as you manipulate gravity and perspective to solve challenging spatial riddles. Shiftr’s ingenious game mechanics are only possible through the Vision Pro’s environmental scanning and room-scale tracking.

Cinematic Entertainment Reborn

Movie watching reaches new heights with the Vision Pro’s cinema-quality visuals and immersive spatial audio. These apps let you experience your favorite films, shows and concerts in a whole new way.

IMAX Enhanced

Enjoy IMAX Enhanced versions of today’s biggest blockbusters for a larger-than-life private theater experience right in your living room. With support for the Vision Pro’s highest display resolutions, films have never looked and sounded better.

VR Cinema

Why just watch movies when you can step into their worlds? With VR Cinema, iconic scenes and universes become life-sized immersive environments using photorealistic AR. Find yourself battling alongside gladiators in ancient Rome!

Splendid Beats

See favorite musicians materialize like holograms for private concerts made possible by volumetric video capture and the Vision Pro’s room-scale tracking. With multiple view positions, it’s the ultimate front-row experience.

Limitless Creativity Unlocked

The Vision Pro empowers new avenues of imagination by removing creative limitations. These apps let you design, build and explore imagined realities right in your space.

Gravity Sketch

Unleash your inner inventor as you model intricate 3D objects by simply grabbing and dragging virtual clay. Refine mechanics and test assemblies by effortlessly picking up and manipulating components.


Construct elaborate Rube Goldberg chain reaction machines piece-by-piece then activate to watch your wildest contrivances spring to life. This wacky physics sandbox encourags boundless experimentation.


Paint, sculpt and design in thin air as this app maps freehand brush strokes, gestures and movements into stunning AR artwork and structures. Output creations as 3D models or animate digital sculptures.

Vision Pro

Next-Gen Productivity Paradigms

The Vision Pro also presents game-changing implications for daily work, organization and efficiency. These apps provide glimpses of how AR enhances professional capabilities.


Transform any real-world or virtual environment into a maxed-out multi-monitor workstation. Spread your screens across walls, pull up infinite virtual displays, and revolutionize workflows through immersive computing.


Organize ideas and tasks by scattering virtual sticky notes, documents and widgets throughout your actual room then instantly search, reorder or connect associated items. It’s next-level informational environment.


Visualize renovations and remodeling projects at true scale before breaking ground. Walk through photorealistic AR renderings of kitchen extensions, landscape changes, furniture arrangements and more.

The Vision Pro App Revolution Is Just Getting Started

This inaugural wave of Vision Pro apps only hints at the creative eruptions enabled by mixing AR, AI and spatial computing. As developers continue tapping into Apple’s robust APIs and steering closer to photorealistic virtual content, the possibilities are truly boundless.

The apps covered here make a compelling case for the Vision Pro’s transformative implications across many facets of entertainment, creativity and productivity. But we’ve likely only scratched the surface of this device’s long-term potential. The Vision Pro sets the stage for the spatial computing revolution – and 2024 is just the beginning.

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