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RTX 4080 Super GPU: Is Nvidia’s “Cheaper” Beast Worth It?

Nvidia shook up their GeForce family by unleashing an RTX 4080 Super graphics card priced $200 under its non-Super variant. But benchmarks show its value depends heavily on gaming resolution and ray tracing preference. For some, it’s an undisputed 4K beast. For others, it offers diminishing returns. Let’s dive into the data and decode who should consider this powerhouse card.

The Complex Value Proposition

There’s no denying the 4080 Super delivers serious 1080p, 1440p and 4K muscle. But with an $999 price tag still pricing out many gamers, is it a true high-end steal?

Blazing Speed, Blistering Price

Offering near-4080 performance for 80% of the price seems enticing. But $999 remains stratospheric for most shoppers. Understanding key performance metrics and your needs is essential before swiping that credit card.

Benchmarks: Pixel-Pushing Powerhouse

In terms of benchmarks, the 4080 Super flexes some serious muscle:

  • Up to 78 FPS in Cyberpunk 2077 max settings at 4K
  • Nearly 90 FPS in Doom Eternal at max settings and 1440p
  • Over 160 FPS in Apex Legends at max settings and 1080p

Blistering Speed for High-Resolution Gaming

With performance that high, the 4080 Super is arguably overkill for 1080p monitors. But for buttery smooth 4K or ray tracing, it really struts its stuff.

The Best and Worst Case Users

Given its premium price but stellar performance, the ideal 4080 Super buyer depends heavily on use case:

Good Fit:

  • 4K enthusiasts wanting 60+ frame rates on max settings
  • Competitive esports gamers seeking 360+ FPS for 1080p
  • Streamers needing high FPS and encode/decode power

Questionable Value:

  • Budget buyers unable to afford a nearly $1000 GPU
  • 1440p gamers happy with prior-generation pricing and performance
  • Those expecting a “cheap” high-end card

The Bottom Line

The RTX 4080 Super brings blistering speed, but still carries a hefty premium. For gamers and creators needing uncompromised 4K power, it delivers in spades. But for mainstream users, its limited price/performance advantage warrants careful thought before upgrading.

Weighing in? Share your take on Nvidia’s divisive value play below!


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