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OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R Leaked: Key Details on Features, Pricing, Release Date and More

OnePlus prepares to unleash its 2023 flagship smartphones, tentatively named the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R according to insider reports. While both handsets boast upgrades, they diverge in pricing and positioning to serve distinct audience segments.

Let’s unpack what advance leaks reveal about both devices and highlight questions still lingering ahead of OnePlus’s official announcement.

OnePlus 12: Premium Power Meets Polish

As the successor to 2022’s well-received OnePlus 11, the standard OnePlus 12 looks to build on established strengths:

Noteworthy upgrades over prior generations potentially include:

  • A tuned Hasselblad camera system with improved low light capture
  • Addition of high-wattage wireless charging
  • An IP68 dust/water resistance rating

With refinements spanning power, endurance, photography and resilience, the OnePlus 12 crosses off key feature boxes demanded by mobile power users.

OnePlus 12R: Performance on a Budget

Counterbalancing the premium 12, the OnePlus 12R offers pared down yet still fast internals alongside a lower price point for cost-conscious shoppers.

Highlights unique to the 12R line according to reports include:

  • Mid-range Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor balancing speed and efficiency
  • Large 5,000 mAh battery allowing 2-3 days runtime per charge
  • 120Hz high refresh rate display rather than QHD+ resolution

With robust battery life headlining more accessible performance, the OnePlus 12R retains the essence of a productivity workhorse amid more restrained specs.

OnePlus 12 vs. OnePlus 12 Pro Comparison

Given their positioning discrepancies, how do OnePlus 12 and 12R models compare?

  • Processing power: 12 takes the lead
  • Battery life: 12R likely lasts longer
  • Display resolution: 12 touts richer pixels
  • Premium build: Found on 12, cost cut on 12R
  • Cameras: Similar resolution but 12 sees tuning
  • Wireless charging: Supported on 12, possibly lacking on 12R
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Balancing specs and pricing, both devices serve specific consumer segments – power and budget accordingly.

Lingering Questions Before Launch

Amidst a mountain of details, key unknowns remain about OnePlus’s 2023 roster:

  • Exact pricing for standard and high storage tiers
  • Official release date (rumored for May 2023)
  • Potential carrier partnerships and preorder bonuses
  • Real-world battery benchmarks across use cases

As the announcement nears, leaked specifications will give way to concrete details from OnePlus itself.

[Readers: Based on the rumors so far, which excites you more between the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R? Feel free to share your thoughts and reactions!]

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