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One UI 6.1 Unveils New Battery Protection Features: A Charge Towards Longer Lifespan

The latest iteration of Samsung‘s custom Android skin, One UI 6.1, isn’t just about sleek aesthetics and new functionalities. It also carries some valuable additions for battery health and longevity. Let’s delve into the new “Battery Protection” features and understand how they can enhance your smartphone experience.

Three Layers of Protection:

One UI 6.1 introduces three distinct battery protection options, each targeting different aspects of charging and usage:

  1. Basic Protection: This option, enabled by default, stops the charging process at 100% and begins again when the battery level drops to 90%. This prevents the battery from staying at full capacity for extended periods, thereby reducing stress and extending its lifespan.
  2. Enhanced Protection: This option takes things a step further by limiting the maximum charge to 85%. While it might seem counterintuitive, research suggests that stopping the charge at 85% can significantly improve battery longevity.
  3. Custom Protection: This option allows users to set their own custom charging limit between 85% and 100%. This flexibility caters to individual preferences and charging habits.

Additional Features:

Beyond the three charging limit options, One UI 6.1 also offers additional features that contribute to overall battery health:

  • Adaptive Charging: This feature analyzes your typical charging patterns and learns when you normally wake up. It then adjusts the charging speed to ensure your phone reaches 100% just before you wake up, minimizing the time spent at full capacity.
  • Optimize Battery Usage: This feature helps identify apps that are draining the battery excessively and provides suggestions for optimizing their power consumption.
  • Background Activity Management: This feature helps limit background activity from unused apps, preventing them from needlessly draining the battery.
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Benefits of Battery Protection:

The new “Battery Protection” features offer several benefits:

  • Longer battery lifespan: By reducing the amount of time the battery spends at full capacity, these features can help extend its lifespan and prevent degradation.
  • Improved device performance: A healthy battery can contribute to improved device performance and responsiveness.
  • Reduced charging time: Limiting the maximum charge can lead to faster charging times, saving you valuable time.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing your battery is protected can give you peace of mind and prevent anxiety about potential damage caused by overcharging.


The new “Battery Protection” features in One UI 6.1 represent a significant step for Samsung’s commitment to user experience and battery health. These features empower users to take control of their battery life and ensure their smartphones remain reliable companions for longer.

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