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iRacing 2023 Season 4 Patch 3: Enhancing Your Racing Experience

iRacing’s commitment to delivering an exceptional racing experience remains steadfast, as evident in the release of Patch 3 for Season 4 of 2023. This update introduces a range of new features, updates, and fixes that elevate the iRacing experience.

New Features

1. Cart System

Managing your iRacing shopping experience has been made more convenient with the introduction of a new shopping cart system. You can now add items to your cart, allowing for a hassle-free purchase at a later time.

2. Wallet System

The new wallet system grants you better control over your iRacing Dollars. It simplifies the process of purchasing items from your cart, making transactions more efficient.

3. Spectate Sessions

Keeping an eye on your fellow racers has never been easier, thanks to the newly added “Spectate Sessions” button. It enhances your ability to watch other racers, providing valuable insights into their techniques and strategies.


1. AI Roster Enhancement

For races featuring 11 or more car types, the AI roster has undergone updates to grid cars based on relative speed. This enhances the realism and competitiveness of your AI opponents.

2. Rolling Drag Optimization

The rolling drag parameters have been optimized for tires without ABS on off-track surfaces, fine-tuning your driving experience.


1. Spotters Bug Fix

A bug that occasionally caused spotters to encounter a “Forfeit” button when attempting to exit or cease spotting for a session has been resolved. This ensures a smoother spotting experience for racers.

2. Support & Live Chat

The “Get Support” option has been revamped to “Support & Live Chat” for improved clarity and visibility, now in a distinctive blue color.

Other Changes

1. Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

Patch 3 also includes several bug fixes and performance enhancements, fortifying the stability and reliability of iRacing.

In Conclusion

Patch 3 for iRacing 2023 Season 4 is a substantial leap forward, elevating your racing experience. The new cart and wallet systems simplify transactions and empower users to manage their iRacing Dollars effectively. The addition of the “Spectate Sessions” button makes watching fellow racers more accessible, fostering a learning-rich environment.

Enhancements to the AI roster and rolling drag parameters improve the realism and accuracy of racing, ensuring a competitive edge. Bug fixes and performance optimizations enhance the overall stability and reliability of the platform, essential for an enjoyable racing adventure.

In summary, Patch 3 is a pivotal update for iRacing 2023 Season 4, introducing new features, updates, and fixes that promise an enriched racing journey.


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