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Honor V Purse Foldable Phone Review – A Fashion Forward Mobile

Foldable phones stand poised to deliver device portability past the boundaries of staid glass slabs. But rather than solely engineering-driven approaches, Chinese manufacturer Honor takes an exploratory step towards merging fashion aesthetics with flexible display functionality in an envelope pushing concept dubbed the Honor V Purse.

Part flashy tech accessory, part practical mini tablet, the V Purse phone aims resonating past early adopter circles alone to capture wider demographic lenses. We review this daringly different take on smartphone visions.

Honor V Purse Unique Hybrid Design

In an industry of technology homogenization, Honor deserves plaudits for sheer originality with the V Purse concept.

Closed, the device takes on the appearance of a vertical handbag or clutch complete with stylish customizable exterior options.

But unzipping the side seam reveals a folding interior display combining a tablet-sized touch screen canvas with smartphone capabilities.

This sets the V Purse apart as an intriguing crossover gadget rather than pure gimmick.

Core Hardware & Performance

Powering the software experiences, the Honor V Purse features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778G processor paired with 8GB of memory.

This combination tackles Android UI navigation adeptly for smooth response interacting with apps and system functions.

The CPU choice seems questionable though given rivals opt flagship grade Snapdragon 8 tier silicon for premium execution.

Regardless, the V Purse juggles browsing, social media, and casual gaming requests without issue thanks to generous 12GB onboard storage.

Display & Camera Capabilities

Unfolding to a 7.9 inch tablet sized canvas, the Honor V Purse display impressively almost eliminates any center crease. This allows clarity parity reminiscent of traditional slab phones when viewing videos or reading.

Adding polish, 400 pixels per inch density pumps images with vibrant details that avoids any pixelation.

Unfortunately, the integrated 50 megapixel main camera proves rather lackluster failing to optimize photo processing for balanced results.

Given photography drives significant smartphone popularity, Honor would benefit stepping up imaging quality standards before mainstream push.

Battery Benchmarks

Packing a 4,000 mAh battery, our testing showed the Honor V Purse delivering admirably reliable longevity meeting typical single day usage needs.

Even marathon sessions browsing shopping sites or binging videos only narrowly drained the battery below 15% at extreme conditions.

Support for 66W fast charging brings depleted units from empty back to 50% levels in under 30 minutes. This helps enable flexibility when topping up power in a pinch.

Considering display size, discharge rates draw effectively on par with non-foldable rivals thanks to software battery optimizations.

Who is the Honor V Purse Good For?

The roughly $1000 pricing positions Honor’s entry clearly as a flagship foldable play.

And its striking looks poised as a conversation starting accessory cements allure for fashion forward early tech adopters drawn towards standing apart.

Yet with functionality ballasts around photography weaknesses and ergonomic heft, V Purse services social mavens better than mobile photographers or enterprise workers for now.

Regardless niche demographic targeting factors less important against Honor boldly expanding perceptions around stylistic technology possibilities hereafter.

The Verdict

The Honor V Purse makes reasonable capabilities compromises chasing hybrid aesthetics appeal today.

But as a conceptual beacon illuminating new form factor directions, it commands appreciation for fresh inspirations departing the homogenous smartphone status quo.

For the fashion curious, overlook spec sheet shortcomings and discover a handy conversation starter. For pragmatists, allow imaginations towards future handset designs blending style and functionality to mutual benefit.


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