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Hands-On with the Future: Star Wars: Outlaws, Astro Boy, and Dragon Age Impress at Summer Game Fest 2024

The gaming world is buzzing with excitement as Summer Game Fest 2024 brings us tantalizing previews of highly anticipated titles. Among the standouts this year are Star Wars: Outlaws, a fresh take on the Astro Boy franchise, and a new entry in the beloved Dragon Age series. Kotaku’s hands-on experience with these games gives us a glimpse into the future of gaming.

Hands-On with the Future: Star Wars: Outlaws, Astro Boy, and Dragon Age Impress at Summer Game Fest 2024

Star Wars: Outlaws – A Galaxy Far, Far Away Like Never Before

Star Wars fans, prepare to have your expectations shattered. Star Wars: Outlaws takes the iconic franchise in a bold new direction, putting players in the shoes of a lone bounty hunter navigating the seedy underbelly of the galaxy.

The gameplay seamlessly blends fast-paced, third-person shooter action with immersive RPG elements. As you traverse diverse planets, from the neon-soaked streets of Coruscant to the desolate dunes of Tatooine, you’ll encounter a cast of morally gray characters and make choices that shape your path as an outlaw.

What sets Star Wars: Outlaws apart is its gritty, mature tone. This is a Star Wars story that doesn’t shy away from the darker aspects of the universe, offering a fresh perspective on the eternal struggle between the light and the dark side.

Astro Boy Returns in a Dazzling Reimagining

Astro Boy, the beloved manga and anime character, is back in a visually stunning reboot that captures the heart and spirit of the original while introducing innovative gameplay mechanics.

Developed by a talented team of industry veterans, the new Astro Boy game is a action-platformer that places an emphasis on fluid, acrobatic movement and fast-paced combat. Players will guide Astro through a vibrant, futuristic world, battling rogue robots and uncovering a deep, emotional story.

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The game’s cel-shaded art style is a true feast for the eyes, bringing Osamu Tezuka’s iconic character designs to life like never before. With a perfect balance of nostalgia and innovation, Astro Boy is shaping up to be a must-play for fans and newcomers alike.

Dragon Age’s Next Chapter: A Return to Thedas

Details about the next installment in the Dragon Age series have been scarce, but Summer Game Fest 2024 finally lifted the veil on this highly anticipated RPG.

Set in the rich, fantasy world of Thedas, the new Dragon Age game promises to be the most expansive and ambitious entry yet. Players will embark on an epic journey that spans multiple regions, each with its own unique culture, conflicts, and characters.

The developers are tight-lipped about the specifics of the story, but they promise a tale of political intrigue, ancient mysteries, and powerful magic. With an emphasis on player choice and consequence, this new chapter in the Dragon Age saga looks to be the most immersive and replayable one yet.

A Bright Future for Gaming

If the previews at Summer Game Fest 2024 are any indication, the future of gaming is incredibly bright. From the bold reimagining of Star Wars in Outlaws to the stunning return of Astro Boy and the epic scope of the new Dragon Age, these titles represent the best of what the medium has to offer.

As we eagerly await the release of these games, one thing is clear: the creativity, passion, and innovation of the gaming industry knows no bounds. With each passing year, developers continue to push the envelope, delivering experiences that transport us to new worlds and challenge the way we think about interactive entertainment.

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So mark your calendars and start saving up, because if Kotaku’s hands-on previews are anything to go by, these games are going to be absolute must-plays. The future of gaming is here, and it’s never looked brighter.


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