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Google Tests “App Auto Open” Feature for Play Store: Convenience or Annoyance?

Google is constantly experimenting with new features to enhance the user experience on its Play Store. According to a recent article from SamMobile, the tech giant is currently testing a feature called “App Auto Open” that could automatically launch apps immediately after they are downloaded and installed.

Google Tests "App Auto Open" Feature for Play Store: Convenience or Annoyance?

How App Auto Open Works

The concept behind App Auto Open is simple: when a user downloads and installs an app from the Play Store, the feature would automatically open the app without requiring any additional input from the user. This could potentially save users a step and provide a more seamless experience when trying out new apps.

However, it’s important to note that App Auto Open would not be a mandatory feature. Users would have the option to enable or disable it based on their personal preferences. This is a crucial aspect of the feature, as some users may prefer to manually open apps after downloading them in order to review permissions, check for updates, or simply maintain more control over their device.

Default Settings and Notifications

One potential point of concern highlighted in the SamMobile article is that App Auto Open might be turned on by default. This means that users who prefer not to have apps open automatically would need to manually disable the feature in their Play Store settings.

When App Auto Open is activated, users will see a temporary notification banner at the top of their screen for a few seconds. This notification serves as a visual cue that the feature has been triggered and an app is about to open.

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Pros and Cons of App Auto Open

As with any new feature, there are potential advantages and disadvantages to consider with App Auto Open:


  • Convenience: App Auto Open could save users time by automatically launching apps after they are downloaded, eliminating the need to manually locate and open the app.
  • Seamless experience: For users who frequently download and try out new apps, App Auto Open could provide a more streamlined and efficient experience.


  • Loss of control: Some users may prefer to have more control over when and how apps are launched on their devices. Having App Auto Open enabled by default could be seen as an inconvenience or even an intrusion.
  • Privacy concerns: Users who are cautious about app permissions and data access may want to review these settings before launching a newly downloaded app. App Auto Open could bypass this important step.

Looking Ahead

It’s worth noting that App Auto Open is currently in the testing phase and is not yet available to the general public. As Google continues to experiment with this feature, it will be interesting to see how they address the potential concerns and balance user convenience with individual preferences.

One possible approach could be to give users more granular control over the default settings for App Auto Open. For example, Google could allow users to choose whether the feature is enabled or disabled by default, or even provide options to whitelist or blacklist specific apps.


The introduction of App Auto Open in the Google Play Store has the potential to divide opinion among Android users. While some may appreciate the added convenience and seamless experience, others may view it as an unnecessary or even intrusive feature.

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As Google continues to refine and develop App Auto Open, it will be crucial for them to listen to user feedback and strike the right balance between convenience and user control. By providing clear options and settings, Google can ensure that App Auto Open enhances the Play Store experience without compromising user preferences or privacy.

Ultimately, the success of App Auto Open will depend on how well Google implements the feature and responds to user concerns. As with any new development in the fast-paced world of mobile technology, only time will tell if App Auto Open becomes a beloved addition to the Play Store or a short-lived experiment.

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