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iOS 18 Might Allow Users to Lock Individual Apps with Face ID, According to Rumors

As anticipation builds for the official unveiling of iOS 18 at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), a tantalizing rumor has emerged from the depths of the Apple rumor mill. According to a recent article from MacRumors, a reliable source for all things Apple, iOS 18 might introduce a new security feature that allows users to lock individual apps behind Face ID authentication.

iOS 18 Might Allow Users to Lock Individual Apps with Face ID, According to Rumors

Enhancing App Security

The concept of app locking is not entirely new, as various third-party apps have offered this functionality for quite some time. However, the rumored integration of app locking as a native feature in iOS 18 would mark a significant step forward in terms of user privacy and security.

With this potential new feature, iPhone users would be able to add an extra layer of protection to sensitive apps that contain private information. For example, banking apps, messaging apps, or password managers could be secured with Face ID, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access the data within.

Current Limitations and Workarounds

As of now, iPhone users have limited options when it comes to restricting access to specific apps. One method is to use the Screen Time feature, which allows users to set app limits and requires a passcode to extend the time limit. Another approach involves leveraging accessibility features to create a makeshift app lock.

However, these current methods have their drawbacks. Screen Time is primarily designed for managing app usage rather than providing robust security, while the accessibility workaround can be cumbersome to set up and maintain. The rumored native app locking feature in iOS 18 would offer a more streamlined and secure solution.

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Unlocking Methods: Face ID and Beyond

According to the MacRumors article, the primary method for unlocking apps would likely be Face ID, Apple’s advanced facial recognition technology. This would provide a seamless and secure way for users to access their locked apps, as Face ID has proven to be highly accurate and reliable.

However, it’s possible that Apple might also offer alternative unlocking methods, such as Touch ID for devices that support it or a traditional passcode option. This would cater to users who prefer different authentication methods or have devices without Face ID capabilities.

Uncertainty Surrounding Third-Party Apps

One aspect of the rumored app locking feature that remains unclear is its compatibility with third-party apps from the App Store. The MacRumors article does not confirm whether users will be able to lock apps downloaded from the App Store or if the feature will be limited to Apple’s own built-in apps like Mail, Messages, and Photos.

If the feature is indeed limited to Apple’s apps, it would still provide a valuable layer of security for users who rely on these native apps for sensitive communications and data storage. However, the ability to extend app locking to third-party apps would undoubtedly be a welcome addition, as it would give users greater control over their device’s security.

Waiting for WWDC Confirmation

While the app locking rumor has generated excitement among Apple enthusiasts, it’s crucial to remember that it remains just that—a rumor. Until Apple officially unveils iOS 18 during their WWDC keynote, which is taking place on June 8th, 2024 (which happened earlier today based on our conversation’s date), we can’t be certain of the features that will make the final cut.

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However, given MacRumors’ track record of accurate reporting and the general trend towards enhanced privacy and security features in mobile operating systems, there’s a good chance that app locking might indeed be part of the iOS 18 package.

Looking Ahead

As we eagerly await the official announcement of iOS 18, the prospect of app locking with Face ID has certainly piqued the interest of iPhone users who value their privacy and security. The ability to add an extra layer of protection to sensitive apps would provide peace of mind and further solidify Apple’s commitment to user privacy.

If the rumor proves to be true, it will be interesting to see how Apple implements the feature and whether it will extend to third-party apps. Regardless, the addition of native app locking would be a significant step forward in terms of mobile security and would likely be well-received by the iPhone community.

As the WWDC keynote unfolds, we will be keeping a close eye on any mentions of app locking or other security enhancements in iOS 18. Stay tuned for further updates and analysis as we delve deeper into the confirmed features and improvements that Apple has in store for its mobile operating system.



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