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Google January Update Fixes Pixel 8 Camera and UI Issues: Install Guide

Google loyalists enjoying otherwise blissful Pixel 8 or 8 Pro holiday phone unwrappings likely encountered sporadic camera dysfunction or user interface quirkiness associated launching any new smartphone model.

Thankfully Google’s January monthly Over-The-Air (OTA) software update comprehensively addresses initial quality deteriorations frustrations through the following improvements list:

  • Fixing Camera Crashes during third party app usage like Snapchat or Instagram.
  • Smoothing Buggy Video Playback eliminating viewfinder black screens.
  • Patching Setup Wizard Crashes complicating initial configuration.

This Pixel 8 January update also incorporates the newest Android security patch level ensuring your phone but you even safer!

Manually Installing the January Software Update on Pixel 8 Phones

Google gradually rolls out monthly software updates to randomly selected devices first mitigating wide spread issues early. However everyone else may manually check updates availability through following steps:

  1. Open Settings app
  2. Navigate to System > System Update
  3. Tap Check for Updates button
  4. Follow onscreen instructions when update appears
  5. Restart phone when prompted for changes taking effect

Additional Camera Tips Further Improving Picture Quality

Beyond bug fixes, optimizing photography workflow habits using Pixel 8 phones reaps photo results through tactics like:

  • Cleaning phone lenses gently before shooting eliminating smudging
  • Tapping to set explicit focus points ensuring subject sharpness
  • Toggling Night Sight mode automatically in low light situations

Similarly recording videos benefits tweaking recorder settings adjusting resolutions, frames per second and stabilizations preventing common amateur jitter, blown out backgrounds or focusing fluctuation and more.

Reviewing Key Settings Optimizing Battery Life Spans

While not addressed this update, maximizing Pixel 8 battery lifespans requires reviewing Settings options balancing performance against runtimes when untethered from power:

  • Reduced Refresh Rates – Lower screen redraw speeds to 60hz
  • Dark Themes – Leverage AMOLED black pixel battery savings
  • Adaptive Battery – Let Android manage app background resource allocations
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Likewise moderating brightness, enabling airplane modes when plausible and quitting unused apps proactively preserves juice when miles from chargers.

Syncing Data and Backing Up Effortlessly

Lastly never underestimate regularly archiving precious phone data locally or backed up remotely providing invaluable recovery options should misfortunes like damaging drops occur losing everything outright.

Google graciously gifts Pixel phone owners unlimited cloud backup capacities capturing app data, WiFi passwords, call logs and more untethered worrying monthly storage limits. Simply visit Settings > Backup > Back Up Now to manually trigger points.

Have you installed Google’s January Pixel 8 update yet? What other changes have you noticed? Please share additional findings!


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