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Apple Music Collaborative Playlists: Delayed Until 2024

Apple Music fans looking forward to the arrival of collaborative playlists need to wait a bit longer. While Apple initially promised the feature for iOS 17 and expected it by end of 2023, it has now been postponed until 2024.

This news comes as a letdown for many enthusiasts eager to jointly create playlists with friends and family.

The Pledge and Deferral of Collaborative Playlists

The ability to work together on playlists was one of the most expected capabilities in iOS 17. Apple demoed it at WWDC 2023, showing seamless playlist sharing and co-editing. This was seen as a major upgrade over manual sharing or using third-party apps.

However, in the first iOS 17.2 beta, collaborative playlists unexpectedly vanished without appearing again in subsequent updates. Coding within the beta hints at abuse and spam concerns leading to the removal. Apple is now building safeguards to protect users, hence delaying collaborative playlists to next year.

Possible Reasons for the Hold-up

While Apple hasn’t formally explained the exact reasons for the delay, several likely factors are:

Misuse and Spam Fears

As seen in the beta coding, Apple seems worried about potential abuse and spam. It likely wants assurances that collaborative playlists are utilized properly and not for spreading harmful content.

Technical Challenges

Rolling out collaborative playlists may have posed unforeseen technical hurdles. Apple might need more time to smooth out all complexities before public release.

Priority of Other Capabilities

For a major iOS 17 update, Apple may have prioritized other capabilities ahead of collaborative playlists owing to their complexity or relative significance.

Impact on Users

The delay will upset many expecting to use this feature. They must continue manually sharing playlists or use third-party apps. It may also raise questions on Apple’s agility in shipping promised capabilities.

What Next for Collaborative Playlists?

While deferred, collaborative playlists may still show up in Apple Music. Here’s what to expect:

Release Date

Apple hasn’t named an exact date but hints at availability sometime in 2024.

Enhanced Safeguards

Apple will likely add more protections against misuse and spam, like limits on collaborators or easier content reporting.

Gradual Rollout

The feature may go out slowly to a small group first before universal access.


Although the delay is a dampener, Apple seemingly wants to ensure a secure, robust experience. When launched, collaborative playlists can still upgrade Apple Music for many.

Meanwhile, users can continuesharing playlists manually or try third-party alternatives.

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