Unlocking Privacy: Google’s Private Space Feature in Pixel’s December Feature Drop

In an anticipated move, Google is set to revolutionize the Pixel experience with its December Feature Drop. The spotlight of this update is on “Private Space,” a feature designed exclusively for Pixel users, offering a discreet way to hide apps and prioritize user privacy and organization.

Private Space: Securing Sensitive Apps

Private Space acts as a segregated profile on the device, providing a dedicated hideout for apps users want to keep confidential. Accessible through a unique icon on the home screen, Private Space enables a seamless transition between the regular profile and the concealed sanctuary.

Addressing User Demands: Privacy and Organization

Pixel users have long yearned for a more secure and organized app management system. Private Space directly addresses this need, allowing users to shield sensitive apps like banking or personal messaging apps, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or inadvertent exposure.

User Empowerment: Enhanced Control

Private Space not only bolsters privacy but also hands users greater control over app visibility. The ability to add or remove apps from this hidden space ensures a personalized app collection, keeping crucial ones accessible while safeguarding the rest securely.

Release and Future Prospects

The “Private Space” feature is slated to accompany the December Feature Drop, set to roll out progressively to eligible Pixel devices in the upcoming weeks. Google’s commitment to elevating the Pixel experience is evident, and Private Space adds a layer of privacy and control to the mix.

Future Horizons

Looking forward, Google could expand Private Space’s functionality, potentially encompassing more than just app hiding. The prospect of hiding widgets or notifications could further personalize the Pixel experience, giving users unparalleled control over their device’s content.


The impending arrival of Private Space signals a significant leap for Pixel devices, fulfilling user demands for enhanced privacy, organization, and control. Google’s dedication to user-centric improvements is evident, and as Pixel users await the December Feature Drop, Private Space promises to redefine their mobile experience.

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