Sail Forth
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The Mystery Ends: Sail Forth Charts the Course for Epic Games’ Next Freebie

Ahoy sailors! After keeping January’s free games shrouded in signature mystery, sleuths have uncovered what lies ahead: Sail Forth, an open-world pirate adventure RPG centered around ship customization, exploration, and high seas hijinks.

So batten down the masts, hoist up the signal flags and prepare to dive into sandy shores or wage cannon warfare when Sail Forth launches free on January 11th.

Set Sail for Swashbuckling Freedom

Sail Forth invites aspiring pirates, traders and treasure hunters to dive headfirst into vibrant tropical vistas brimming with hidden wonders and dangers around every corner.

Approach this watery life however you see fit – rule through ruthlessness, prosper through peace, or revel in simple nautical wanderlust. With expansive freedom comes great replayability for sculpting your own legendary pirate haven or hideaway.

Customizable Ships Let Imaginations Sail

But Sail Forth offers more than just aimless sailing into the sunset. Players can become master shipwrights – meticulously decorating vessels into lethal floating fortresses or even flamboyant seafaring soirees through hundreds of blocks, sails and special effects.

Dreamed up some bizarre piratical spectacle? Chances are you can bring that vision to life with Sail Forth’s deep naval customization toolbox.

Epic High Seas Battles and Buried Fortune

Yet the high seas promise more than just relaxation and personal expression. Prepare for naval warfare as you face off against unruly pirates in thrilling real-time combat. Or dive into lucrative underwater dungeon diving offering valuable sunken treasure for the adventurous virtual swashbuckler.

Through it all, a stirring soundtrack carries imaginations to the farthest shores and beyond as we chart the course for our own storybook pirate chronicle!

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Will you be embarking on Sail Forth’s nautical RPG adventure when it launches free on January 11th? Let your dreams of high seas exploits set sail below!

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