Over 1200 Fortnite Skins Now Have Free LEGO Versions

An epic collaboration between gaming juggernaut Fortnite and legendary toy brand LEGO sees over 1200 in-game character skins transformed into LEGO minifigures for creative play.

This crossover lets players build physical LEGO models of popular Fortnite characters, from iconic mascots like Skull Trooper to newer skins like Peely, in Fortnite’s Creative sandbox mode.

Let’s explore the bountiful brick-based building possibilities this partnership unlocks for constructors young and old!

Customizing Collectible Minifigures, Fortnite Style

The sheer variety of Fortnite characters immortalized as LEGO minifigures makes for endless customization fun.

Whether your go-to skin is a fierce mechanized robot, a quirky food mascot, or a battle-hardened soldier in camo and tactical gear, you can now craft your in-game avatar from LEGO pieces.

These LEGO incarnations capture Fortnite skins’ vibrant details at larger-than-life sizes. Choose your fighter and let the creativity flow free!

Building in Broadcast Mode for Wider Sharing

LEGO Fortnite skins become the ultimate social currency using Fortnite’s Creative mode Building in Broadcast setting.

Here, players can watch you assemble LEGO models in real-time. Demonstrate creative techniques while interacting with audiences through Twitch-like participation features.

Share your builds more easily across player networks by saving them as prefabs. Seeing LEGO creations spread virally makes this collaboration so shareable.

Designing Custom Sets – The Possibilities are Endless

The breadth of environments spanning Fortnite’s metaverse offers unlimited options for builders to develop original LEGO sets.

Recreate iconic locations like Tilted Towers or the Butter Barn. Or construct your secret lair filled with customized characters guarding prized loot.

Use preexisting skins as minifigure templates or flex your mental plastic muscles inventing outfit combinations or styles not yet existing in-game!

Bringing Fortnite Locales to Life Brick by Brick

Select LEGO product tie-ins now allow collectors to recreate the world of Fortnite outside Creative mode through physical sets.

Build the Battle Bus where each match begins, assemble the Agency headquarters from past seasons, or defend the island’s mysterious Zero Point locale anchored among dimensional rifts.

With LEGO’s legendary attention to detail paired with Fortnite’s vibrant art direction, fans can manifest their video game passion as substantial displays.


At its core, this crossover draws natural connections between LEGO’s creative outlet and the booming personalities residing inside Fortnite that make the game culture so dynamic.

By lending personalities like Fishstick or Raven customizable LEGO embodiments, new generations gain fresh opportunities sparking the imagination through building toys.

We can’t wait to see what amazing brick-based concepts emerge from this an inspired pairing!


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