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iPhone 16 Pro Rumors: Button Layout and Design Changes Take Shape

As hype builds towards the iPhone 16 Pro’s expected late 2023 launch, leaks offer early glimpses of Apple’s potential updates. From button additions to camera layout overhauls, notable hardware changes may grace the next Pro model.

Let’s explore the possibilities based on credible insider perspectives.

Refocusing the Photography Experience

Given the iPhone camera’s indispensable role for countless users, photography-driven revamps draw attention. Rumblings around both capture controls and camera orientation preview possible transformations.

Introducing a Dedicated Capture Button

Perhaps the most intriguing leak — the debut of a distinct Capture Button specifically for shooting photos and videos. Located alongside the camera module on the iPhone 16 Pro’s rear, this shortcut aims to improve media capture ergonomics.

Reliable supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts either a nearly flush or slightly protruding button. But in both forms, quicker access to capture functionality remains the core benefit.

Stacking Lenses for Enhanced Zoom

With photography at the center of iPhone innovation, cameras unsurprisingly fuel other rumors. One suggests a complete overhaul — shifting from a horizontal camera layout to a tall, dual-stacked orientation.

Thistentative design notably accommodates a 5x optical periscope lens for major zoom gains. If realized alongside the 48MP wide camera and 12MP ultra wide expected, iPhone 16 Pro photography takes a big leap.

Streamlining Physical Controls

Alongside camera experience upgrades, button layout changes highlight other physical control modifications in testing for iPhone 16 Pro models.

Unified Volume Button

One often whispered tweak combines the discrete volume up and down buttons into one unified rocker switch with an elongated oval shape. The merger enables a cleaner, more unified silhouette.

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Moreover, the longer pressable surface allows finer granularity in volume changes — a boon for accessibility. Smoother tactile feedback also results from the fused components and underlying updates.

Refined Action Button

Following its debut on iPhone 15 Pro, the polarizing Action Button seemingly persists for now — albeit in revised form. Leaks reveal a potentially downsized Action Button more reminiscent of current models.

Software enhancements could deliver more configurable behaviors to compensate for its physical subtlety. But Apple likely focuses refinement over reinvention in this iteration.

The Rumor Rundown

While mere rumors for now, these tentative iPhone 16 Pro hardware changes foreshadow Apple’s focus:

  • Elevating mobile photography through camera add-ons and layout shifts
  • Streamlining physical buttons for simplified and more responsive interactions

As launch nears and iPhone 16 Pro development concludes, we’ll soon learn precisely which new button, sensor, and lens combinations Apple settles on.

[Let us know which rumored design change or addition you find most intriguing for the iPhone 16 Pro in comments!]

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