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Elden Ring’s Latest Patch: Enhancing the Lands Between

From Software’s Elden Ring continues to evolve with its latest patch, bringing a host of changes that promise to refine and enhance the player experience. From cosmetic additions to gameplay balance adjustments, this update demonstrates the developers’ commitment to maintaining and improving their critically acclaimed title.

Elden Ring's Latest Patch: Enhancing the Lands Between

New Customization Options

One of the most exciting additions for many players is the introduction of new hairstyles. In a game where character creation plays a significant role in player immersion, this seemingly small change can have a big impact:

  • Increased player expression and individuality
  • Potential for more diverse character aesthetics
  • Enhanced roleplaying possibilities for those who deeply invest in their character’s appearance

While we don’t have specifics on the new styles, this addition shows FromSoftware’s attention to player desires for more customization options.

Inventory Management Improvements

The promise of new inventory features is particularly intriguing for veteran players. Elden Ring’s vast world is filled with items, weapons, and armor, making efficient inventory management crucial. Potential improvements could include:

  • Better sorting options for equipment and consumables
  • Improved item descriptions or categorization
  • The ability to create custom item sets for quick swapping
  • Enhanced storage options at Sites of Grace

These changes could significantly reduce the time players spend in menus, allowing for a more seamless and immersive gameplay experience.

Balance Adjustments: Skills and Enemies

The patch introduces balance changes to both player skills and enemy encounters, aiming to create a more finely tuned combat experience. Let’s break down some of the specific skill adjustments:

Decreased Damage for Specific Skills

  • Spinning Slash
  • Flaming Strike
  • Rain of Arrows
  • Cursed-Blood Slash
  • Transient Moonlight
  • Lightning Storm
  • Spearcall Ritual
  • Ancient Lightning Spear
  • Radahn’s Rain
  • Spinning Weapon (when stunning other players)
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These damage reductions likely aim to address skills that were overperforming or dominating the meta, especially in PvP scenarios. By toning down these abilities, FromSoftware encourages a more diverse range of playstyles and strategies.

Implications for Player Builds and Strategies

The balance changes will have ripple effects throughout the Elden Ring community:

  • Players may need to re-evaluate their preferred builds
  • New strategies could emerge as previously overlooked skills become more viable
  • PvP encounters may become more varied and less predictable
  • Cooperation in boss fights might require adjusted tactics

General Gameplay Tweaks

Several general mechanics have been refined, each with its own impact on gameplay:

Dual-wielded Heavy Thrusting Swords

The adjustment to turning speed when using these weapons could make this playstyle more agile and responsive, potentially increasing its viability in both PvE and PvP situations.

Dexterity Scaling for Ashes of War

Increasing Dexterity scaling when assigning Ashes of War with corresponding weapon affinities could make Dexterity-focused builds more potent, especially when using certain weapon types.

Increased Stamina Consumption for Heavy Weapons

The higher stamina cost when guarding with Greatswords, Curved Greatswords, Great Axes, and Great Hammers adds an element of risk to these powerful weapons. Players will need to be more strategic about when to block and when to dodge.

Boss Fight Enhancement: Spectral Steed Summoning

Perhaps the most exciting change for many players is the ability to summon the Spectral Steed during the final boss fight. This addition has several implications:

  • Increased mobility during the encounter
  • New tactical options for engaging and disengaging
  • Potential for more dynamic and cinematic battles
  • Easier management of the fight’s large arena
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This change not only adds a new layer of strategy to the final confrontation but also maintains consistency with the open-world gameplay that defines much of Elden Ring’s experience.

Community Impact and Reception

As with any significant update to a beloved game, the Elden Ring community’s response to these changes will be crucial:

Looking Ahead: Future Updates and DLC Possibilities

This patch demonstrates FromSoftware’s ongoing commitment to Elden Ring. It raises questions about what future updates might bring:

  • Will we see more substantial content additions, such as new areas or bosses?
  • Could there be plans for larger DLC expansions, similar to those released for Dark Souls games?
  • Might future patches continue to refine and expand character customization options?
  • Are there plans to introduce new weapon types or combat styles?


The latest Elden Ring patch brings a mix of quality-of-life improvements, balance adjustments, and exciting new possibilities to the Lands Between. From expanded character customization to refined combat mechanics, these changes demonstrate FromSoftware’s dedication to polishing and enhancing their already impressive title.

As players dive into the updated version of Elden Ring, they’ll discover new strategies, adapt to balance changes, and perhaps find fresh inspiration for character builds. The addition of Spectral Steed summoning in the final boss fight, in particular, promises to breathe new life into a climactic encounter that many have already experienced.

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Ultimately, this patch serves as a reminder of why Elden Ring has captivated so many players: its deep, complex systems and FromSoftware’s willingness to continue refining the experience. As the game evolves, it will be exciting to see how the community adapts and what new adventures await in future updates.


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