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What Not to Expect at Apple’s October 2023 Event

As the tech world eagerly anticipates Apple’s October 2023 event, it’s essential to clarify what won’t be on the agenda. While Apple’s product launches are always full of surprises, there are some things we can safely rule out.

New Macs

Apple enthusiasts may be eager for a new MacBook Air or iMac, but don’t hold your breath for these announcements at the October event. Apple typically unveils new Macs in the spring and fall, and the company already showcased its new MacBook Pros and iMacs in June 2023.

New iPads

The whispers of a new iPad Pro are enticing, but it’s not likely to make an appearance at the October event. Apple’s pattern is to unveil new iPads in the fall and spring, and the company recently launched a new iPad Air and a fresh entry-level iPad in March 2023.

New AirPods

AirPods Pro 2 might be in the works, but October won’t be their debut. Apple tends to introduce new AirPods in the fall, and we saw the arrival of the AirPods 3 in October 2022.

New Apple TV

A new Apple TV might be on the horizon, but it’s not on the docket for the October event. Apple’s tradition is to reveal new Apple TVs in the fall, and the company rolled out the Apple TV 4K in September 2021.

New HomePod

A revamped HomePod may be in development, but it’s not a contender for the October event. Apple customarily announces new HomePods in the spring and fall, and we were introduced to the HomePod mini in October 2020.

Other Products

Rumors abound regarding various products like a mixed reality headset and an augmented reality headset. However, it’s unlikely that any of these will grace the October event stage. These projects are still in their infancy, and Apple is expected to keep them under wraps until they’re closer to launch.

What’s Not on the Table

Let’s further clarify what you won’t find at the October event:

  • Don’t expect any new iPhones. Apple generally reveals its new iPhone lineup in September, and the iPhone 14 series was already unveiled in September 2023.
  • There won’t be any new Apple Watches. Apple typically introduces new Apple Watches in September, and the Apple Watch Series 8 made its debut in September 2023.
  • Don’t anticipate new Macs or iPads with M3 chips. Apple’s history shows that new Macs and iPads featuring new M chips are typically announced in June and November.
  • Finally, new AirPods or other accessories with new H3 chips are not on the agenda. Apple typically announces these products in October and March.

A Focused Event

In a nutshell, the Apple October 2023 event is set to revolve around Mac and iPad updates. While there’s much to look forward to in these areas, it’s crucial to keep expectations in check regarding other product categories.

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