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Valorant Blasts onto Consoles: Beta Starts Next Week!

In a groundbreaking announcement that has sent shockwaves through the gaming community, Riot Games has confirmed that their immensely popular free-to-play hero shooter, Valorant, is officially making its way to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. This move marks a significant milestone for the game, as it expands its reach beyond the PC platform and welcomes a new wave of console gamers into the fold.

Valorant Blasts onto Consoles: Beta Starts Next Week!

The Long-Awaited Console Release

Since its launch in June 2020, Valorant has captivated PC gamers with its intense tactical gameplay, diverse cast of agents, and competitive esports scene. The game’s success on PC has been undeniable, with millions of players worldwide engaging in heart-pounding matches and thrilling tournaments. However, console gamers have been eagerly awaiting their chance to experience the action-packed world of Valorant.

The wait is finally over, as Riot Games has confirmed that Valorant will be making its console debut on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. This announcement has sparked excitement among console gamers who have been craving a fresh and competitive shooter experience tailored specifically for their platforms.

The Closed Beta: A Sneak Peek into the Console Experience

While the full release date for the console version of Valorant has not been disclosed, Riot Games has revealed that a closed beta will commence on June 14th, 2024. This limited beta will provide console players with an exclusive opportunity to get their hands on the game and provide valuable feedback to the developers.

The closed beta will allow Riot Games to gather crucial data on how the game performs on consoles, identify any potential issues, and fine-tune the gameplay experience based on player feedback. This iterative process will ensure that the final console release of Valorant meets the high standards set by its PC counterpart and delivers a polished and engaging experience for console gamers.

Custom-Built Gameplay for Consoles

One of the most intriguing aspects of Valorant’s console release is the promise of “custom-built gameplay” designed specifically for a competitive console experience. While details are scarce at the moment, this suggests that Riot Games is putting in the effort to optimize the game for console controllers and adapt the user interface to suit the needs of console players.

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Translating a game like Valorant, which relies heavily on precise aiming and quick reflexes, to a gamepad is no small feat. However, Riot Games’ commitment to creating a tailored console experience instills confidence that they will find innovative solutions to ensure that the game feels intuitive and responsive on consoles.

It remains to be seen how the console version of Valorant will differ from its PC counterpart in terms of gameplay mechanics, but the promise of a custom-built experience has piqued the interest of console gamers eager to dive into the competitive world of Valorant.

The Absence of Cross-Play: A Temporary Limitation

One notable aspect of Valorant’s console release is the lack of cross-play functionality between PC and console players, at least for the time being. This means that console players will only be able to compete against other console players, while PC players will continue to play exclusively with other PC users.

The decision to forgo cross-play at launch may come as a disappointment to some players who were hoping to share the Valorant experience with friends across different platforms. However, it is important to consider the reasons behind this choice.

Implementing cross-play between PC and console versions of a competitive shooter like Valorant presents significant challenges in terms of balancing and fairness. PC players often have an advantage due to the precision and speed afforded by a mouse and keyboard setup, which could create an uneven playing field when matched against console players using a gamepad.

By keeping the console and PC player bases separate, at least initially, Riot Games can ensure a more balanced and enjoyable experience for all players. However, it is worth noting that the absence of cross-play does not necessarily mean it will never be implemented. As the console version matures and Riot Games gathers more data and feedback, they may explore the possibility of introducing cross-play in the future.

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Shared Progression and Inventory: A Seamless Transition

One of the most exciting aspects of Valorant’s console release is the confirmation that players who already enjoy the game on PC will be able to seamlessly transition their progress and inventory to the console version. This means that all the agents, skins, and other items that players have unlocked on PC will be available to them on consoles using the same account.

This shared progression system is a testament to Riot Games’ commitment to providing a unified and rewarding experience for Valorant players across all platforms. It ensures that players who have invested time and potentially money into the game on PC will not feel left behind or disadvantaged when switching to consoles.

Furthermore, Riot Games has confirmed that all future content updates, including new agents, maps, and features, will be released simultaneously on both PC and console versions of Valorant. This synchronization of content ensures that the entire Valorant community, regardless of platform, will be able to enjoy the same fresh and exciting experiences at the same time.

The Road Ahead: Questions and Anticipation

As the closed beta for Valorant on consoles approaches, there are still many questions that remain unanswered. How will the registration process for the beta work? What will be the minimum console requirements to run the game smoothly? How will the gameplay and controls be adapted for consoles? These are just a few of the queries on the minds of eager console gamers.

In the coming weeks, it is expected that Riot Games will provide more detailed information regarding the console beta and address these lingering questions. The gaming community will be keeping a close eye on official announcements and any glimpses of gameplay footage that may emerge.

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The anticipation for Valorant’s console debut is palpable, as it represents not only a new chapter for the game itself but also a significant moment for the competitive shooter genre on consoles. With its unique blend of tactical gameplay, diverse agents, and intense gunplay, Valorant has the potential to make a lasting impact on the console gaming landscape.


The announcement of Valorant’s console release has sent ripples of excitement throughout the gaming world. The prospect of experiencing the game’s intense competitive gameplay on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 has console gamers eagerly counting down the days until the closed beta begins on June 14th, 2024.

While there are still many details to be revealed, the promise of custom-built gameplay for consoles and shared progression with the PC version has only heightened the anticipation. As Riot Games works diligently to ensure a seamless and enjoyable console experience, the gaming community waits with bated breath to see how Valorant will translate to the console platform.

The coming weeks will undoubtedly bring more information and clarity regarding the console beta, system requirements, and gameplay adaptations. Until then, console gamers can look forward to the opportunity to finally join the ranks of Valorant’s agents and experience the heart-pounding tactical action that has captivated PC players for years.

Valorant’s blast onto consoles marks an exciting new chapter for the game and the competitive shooter genre as a whole. As the closed beta approaches and the full release looms on the horizon, one thing is certain: the world of Valorant is about to expand in thrilling and unpredictable ways.


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