Take-Two Interactive Objects to Remedy Entertainment’s New Logo Over Trademark Infringement

A heated trademark dispute has erupted in the gaming industry between two major players: Take-Two Interactive and Remedy Entertainment. The core issue lies in Remedy’s brand new stylized “R” logo, which Take-Two claims bears too close a resemblance to their own Rockstar Games logo.

Eerie Similarities Between Logos Raises Red Flags

Upon unveiling the new minimalist logo design featuring a slanted, red letter “R”, Remedy immediately faced backlash from Take-Two Interactive, owner of Rockstar Games. Take-Two filed a Notice of Opposition claiming the logos share distinct similarities that could potentially confuse consumers and tarnish Rockstar Games’ brand.

Examining both logos side-by-side reveals the roots of Take-Two’s complaints. Both feature a thick, stylized capital “R” as the central focus. Both incorporate the same attention-grabbing shade of red. And both utilize a modern, stripped-down aesthetic happening in logo design trends.

Potential for Consumer Confusion

While similarities exist, differences also abound. Nonetheless, Take-Two Interactive asserts these shared elements could blur brand distinction in consumers’ minds. They argue that seeing Remedy’s new logo could falsely imply association with Rockstar Games properties like Grand Theft Auto, negatively impacting their reputation.

Dueling Trademark Filings Heats Up Tensions

As the dispute gained steam, both gaming giants took legal action to defend their trademarks. Take-Two filed for a trademark on Remedy’s new logo first. In response, Remedy filed a counter-trademark to block Take-Two from preventing them from using it.

These dueling filings indicate neither side plans to back down. Instead, a lengthy legal standoff awaits as both companies refuse to budge in the battle over the “R” logo.

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Court Case Looms Large

If discussions remain unproductive and neither company yields, the earliest this high-profile dispute could land in court is September 7, 2025. Until then, both parties seem geared up to continue asserting the validity of their respective trademarks.

Ripple Effects Across the Gaming Industry

This fierce trademark battle holds sweeping implications not just for the two companies involved, but the broader video game industry landscape.

Precedent for Logo Protection Disputes

If Take-Two emerges victorious and blocks Remedy from utilizing their latest logo, it establishes precedent for video game logo trademark disputes. In the future, companies may file preemptive oppositions against any logos bearing even vague resemblance to their own.

Impacts Game Development Resources

The legal costs associated with a lengthy court case also can’t be understated. Experts estimate each company will spend upwards of $200k in lawyer fees alone. These massive expenses divert precious budget from actually developing new video games – the lifeblood of the industry.

Where Do We Go From Here?

At present, there appears no simple solution for resolving the logo conflict amicably outside of court. Take-Two seems intent on preventing usage of Remedy’s new branding, while Remedy remains adamant on assertion their rights to deploy it.

When the case does eventually land in court, the outcome rests in the judge’s hands. It will ultimately come down to complex trademark law nuances determining sufficient distinction between both logos. If found to infringe, Remedy faces redesign and rebranding costs.

Possibility to Settle Out of Court

However, the months leading up to court proceedings allow room for discussions to reach an alternative settlement. This would likely involve Remedy altering their logo enough to achieve clearer differentiation from Rockstar Games’ iconic branding.

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Still, with tensions currently running high and both gaming titans jockeying for legal advantage, the chances of amicable compromise dwindle by the day. Their duel may continue all the way to court once the September 2025 trial date arrives.



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