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Pixel 8 Pro Color Comparison: Deciding Between Obsidian, Porcelain, and Bay Blue

Google‘s newly launched Pixel 8 Pro represents the pinnacle of Google phone hardware. But beyond maxed-out specs like the cutting-edge Tensor G3 processor, the Pixel 8 Pro’s design dazzles with three striking color options: Obsidian, Porcelain, and Bay Blue.

Each handsome hue provides its own personality. So which Pixel 8 Pro color should you choose? Let’s dive deep into comparing the pros and cons of Obsidian, Porcelain, and Bay Blue to identify the best shade for you.

Obsidian: Classic Pixel Black Returns

Pixel loyalists who have rocked black Pixels for generations will feel right at home picking the Pixel 8 Pro in classic Obsidian. This inky black shade carries forward the clean, stylish minimalism Google phones are known for.

Obsidian sets the standard for purity, resembling a polished onyx stone glistening in the light. There’s a beautiful severity to such a dark, uniform complexion free of flourishes.

Key Traits of Obsidian

  • Matte finish resists distracting fingerprints
  • Timeless color always remains in style
  • Matches any accessory from cases to headphones
  • Professional look for work phone acceptance
  • OLED screen pops against dark bezels

If you seek an uncompromising black with a modern edge, Obsidian delivers. It’s the quintessential Pixel black.

Obsidian’s Drawbacks

The only downside of the Pixel 8 Pro in Obsidian is its darkness may feel too familiar and plain to some tastes versus the eye-catching Porcelain and Bay Blue colors. But as an iconic Pixel style, you really can’t go wrong with Obsidian.

Porcelain: Refined Premium Look in Pristine White

If you aim to stand out from the Pixel pack by avoiding straight black or blue, Porcelain provides a sleek, high-end look. This graceful off-white flows beautifully across the Pixel 8 Pro’s curved display and camera bar.

Dressed in Porcelain, the Pixel 8 Pro takes on an almost ceramic feel, reminiscent of a finely crafted bowl. The pleasing texture and sterling white radiance enhance the phone’s premium appeal.

Choosing Porcelain demonstrates your exquisite taste. It’s the Pixel Nexus crowd’s new modern darling.

Why Porcelain Grabs Attention

  • Standout light color in a sea of black smartphones
  • Luxurious look and feel worthy of a high-end gadget
  • Perfect for pristine style – keeps even years later
  • Great pairing with colorful cases to make the color pop
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Porcelain almost gives the Pixel 8 Pro a minimalist Scandinavian vibe. This bright neutral will stay stunningly fresh for years.

Downsides of Porcelain

The only downside of Porcelain is its clean glossy finish attracts fingerprints. So if you dislike smudges, Porcelain needs careful handling or a protective case. But trademarks of premium gadgets are worth pampering sometimes.

Bay Blue: Vibrant Standout Hue That Pops

If your personality is big and bold, then light up your life with Pixel 8 Pro in vibrant Bay Blue. This brilliant blue flows beautifully across the Pixel’s curved screen and transforms the design into a gorgeous two-tone showpiece.

Against the black front bezels, Bay Blue gleams even brighter, almost like waves crashing on a tropical shoreline. This is a special color sure to draw attention and envious looks.

Prime Perks of the Pixel 8 Pro Bay Blue

  • Vibrant, eye-catching blue color you can spot a mile away
  • Two-tone style of black front and blue back really stands out
  • Fun, playful energy perfect for a personal device
  • Great way to show off your playful style
  • Matching blue Pixel case available to complement it

Bay Blue pairs perfectly with your bright and bubbly personality. This charming hue energizes any room you walk into.

Potential Downsides of Bay Blue

Some may find Bay Blue too loud or flashy for their tastes. And like Porcelain, the glossy finish attracts fingerprints. But for extroverts seeking dynamic blue panache, Bay Blue satisfies.

Key Factors When Choosing Your Pixel 8 Pro Color

Beyond the core traits of each color, there are some key considerations that should guide your Pixel 8 Pro color decision:

Personal Style

Which color best fits your personal sense of style? Pick one that complements your wardrobe or other accessories.


Where will you use your phone most? A darker or neutral color may fit serious office settings better.


Will you use a case? Then you can pick a color purely for your own joy.


A more neutral color like Obsidian or Porcelain may have timeless longevity versus trendy colors that fade.

Resale Value

Popular colors like black hold resale value better if you plan to resell eventually.

There’s no universally perfect color. Analyze how each Pixel 8 Pro shade fits into your lifestyle through the lens of factors like those above.

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And don’t overthink it either – if you’re immediately gravitated to one color, go with your gut!

Showcasing Pixel 8 Pro Colorways in Real Life

Seeing how the Pixel 8 Pro’s three colors actually look on the device itself helps envision how well each fits your personality.

Sleek Obsidian in the Wild

Obsidian in person retains that stylish modern Pixel vibe seasoned Pixel veterans love.

Ravishing Porcelain on Display

Porcelain’s pristine white finish is stunning showcased in this product render.

Bay Blue Dazzles with Personality

This leaked image shows off Bay Blue’s energy – just looking makes you smile!

Hopefully seeing Pixel 8 Pros out in the wild in these shades helps solidify which most suits your personal needs and taste.

Matching Your Pixel 8 Pro Color to Cases and Accessories

Another fun advantage of the Pixel 8 Pro color options lies in matching accessories like cases to your chosen hue. Some examples:

Obsidian Paired With Black Case

The brood severity of an Obsidian Pixel matched with a stealthy black case is a recipe for timeless style.

Porcelain With Popping Orange Case

An energetic orange case complements Porcelain’s refined minimalism with contrasting flair.

Blue Speckled Case for Bay Blue

Matching the Pixel 8 Pro in Bay Blue with a blue speckled case plays up the color for maximum impact.

With the right complementary case, you can double down on making your Pixel 8 Pro color choice a true reflection of your personal flair.

Shopping for Pixel 8 Pro Colors Deals

Once you’ve decided on the perfect Pixel 8 Pro color, the shopping hunt begins! Here are tips for scoring deals:

  • Buy unlocked directly from Google for the best availability of colors, unlocked software, and special Google offers
  • Check carrier deals – Carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile often run Pixel 8 Pro promotions and trade-in specials
  • Wait for discounts – Pixels eventually get discounted later in their lifecycle around holiday sales
  • Consider used/refurbished – More affordable used Pixel 8 Pro options tend to be predominantly black
  • Watch for sales on accessories – Pair your new phone with cases, chargers, and more

No matter which Pixel 8 Pro color you pick, with the right shopping strategy you can get Google’s phone beauty at a bargain.

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The Best Pixel 8 Pro Color Comes Down to Personal Preference

Evaluating the pros and cons of Obsidian, Porcelain, and Bay Blue showcases how personal color choice remains. Each hue stands out with unique strengths.

Your lifestyle, priorities around style and usage, and sheer personal preference should make the final call. Any Pixel 8 Pro color you select will serve you well as an amazing overall smartphone package.

But between timeless Obsidian, refined Porcelain, and vibrant Bay Blue, you have every base covered when it comes to aesthetic sensibilities. So ponder how each option fits your needs, then sit back and enjoy your stylish new Pixel!

While the Pixel 8 Pro’s performance and camera remain world-class regardless of color, expressing your signature style through that perfect hue makes all the difference in forging a lifelong smartphone relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pixel 8 Pro Colors

Still undecided between Obsidian, Porcelain, and Bay Blue for the Google Pixel 8 Pro? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Which color hides fingerprints the least?

Obsidian and Bay Blue resist fingerprints better thanks to their matte finishes versus Porcelain’s glossiness.

Can I change the color later somehow?

Unfortunately, the color is baked into the phone’s glass/metal hardware and cannot be altered later. You are locked in!

Do colors have different storage options?

No, all Pixel 8 Pro colors come in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB configurations. Color does not limit storage choice.

Is one color more scratch resistant than the others?

Not according to Google – all colors use the same strength Gorilla Glass protection against scratches. Handle all models with equal care.

Do colors have different prices?

Nope, you pay the same price no matter which Pixel 8 Pro color you select. The color decision is just personal preference.

Is it worth waiting months for my preferred color?

Unless you absolutely require one specific color, get whichever available color speaks to you rather than wait months and miss out on using an amazing phone!

Hopefully these Pixel 8 Pro color comparisons and questions provide clarity ensuring you select the perfect tone to make your phone truly yours. All that’s left is waiting eagerly for your self-expression delivery!

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