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Overwatch 2 Mauga Guide: Mastering Abilities, Ultimate, and More

Mauga: The Firebrand Tank of Overwatch 2

Mauga, Overwatch 2’s latest tank hero, has stormed onto the scene with a fiery mohawk and two devastating chainguns. This hulking figure is a formidable force on the battlefield, excelling at dealing damage and absorbing hits with ease. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into his abilities, including his unique ultimate, and provide you with invaluable tips to dominate the game.

Abilities That Set Mauga Apart

Incendiary Chaingun

Mauga’s primary weapon, the Incendiary Chaingun, is a fiery menace that sets enemies ablaze on contact. The longer an enemy burns, the more damage they suffer over time. This versatile tool can turn the tide of any battle.

Volatile Chaingun

His secondary fire, the Volatile Chaingun, targets burning foes and deals critical damage. This makes it an ideal choice for eliminating ignited enemies. Mauga is an expert at finishing off adversaries scorched by his Incendiary Chaingun.

Berserk (Passive)

Mauga’s passive ability, Berserk, rewards him with health for dealing critical damage. This makes him a durable tank, especially when he lands critical shots with his Volatile Chaingun.


Mauga charges forward with the Overrun ability, knocking back enemies and causing damage. This skill is a game-changer, whether you’re initiating combat, evading threats, or repositioning on the battlefield.

Cardiac Overdrive

Mauga ignites both of his hearts with the Cardiac Overdrive, providing increased damage resistance and healing to himself and nearby allies. He becomes a formidable support tank, capable of dealing damage while safeguarding his comrades.

Cage Fight (Ultimate)

Mauga’s ultimate ability, Cage Fight, deploys a barrier that traps enemies within. He then unleashes a hail of gunfire from his chainguns, inflicting massive damage on the confined foes. This ultimate is a game-changer and can quickly decimate an entire enemy team.

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Mastering Mauga: Tips for Success


Mauga excels as a close-range brawler. To maximize your effectiveness, close the gap with your enemies. Utilize your Incendiary Chaingun to ignite foes and then finish them off with the Volatile Chaingun. Don’t hesitate to employ the Overrun ability for initiation, escape, or repositioning.

Tips for Playing Mauga

Here are some key strategies to excel with Mauga:

  • Ignite your foes with the Incendiary Chaingun before utilizing the Volatile Chaingun for maximum damage.
  • Make use of the Overrun ability strategically – it can initiate battles, provide an escape route, or reposition you effectively.
  • Empower yourself and your allies with the Cardiac Overdrive, boosting resilience and healing capabilities.
  • Use the Cage Fight ultimate judiciously to ensnare the enemy team and unleash a relentless barrage of gunfire.

In Conclusion

Mauga, the formidable tank hero of Overwatch 2, is the ultimate choice for players who thrive in the heart of battle, making significant plays, and ensuring victory. His unique abilities and potent ultimate set him apart as a force to be reckoned with. So, embrace the fiery mohawk, wield the chainguns, and conquer the battlefield with Mauga!

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